Verbum Update! New Lectionary Layout And Roman Missal Sneak Peek

Watch the video below to take a look at the new Lectionary layout along side the Roman Missal (now available in Pre-Pub) in the latest Verbum update!

The newest update is free and automatic if you already own Verbum, so be sure and login into Verbum today and check out what the new update has to offer. We’ll also take a sneak peak at the new Roman Missal, now available in Pre-Pub and shipping later this month.

For more information about the Cited By and other tools in Verbum, be sure and check out some of our training videos and blog posts:

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The Lectionary and Roman Missal make for even more powerful study with the addition of more books and resources. This summer, you can get the biggest upgrade discount possible and get the library you’ve been waiting for at a huge discount. Don’t miss the summer special: It won’t ever come again!

UPDATE: The link to the Missal in the Lectionary is soon to arrive: Watch out for it early next week!


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  • OK, so if we want to adjust the lectionary layout how can that be done? The default is in need of some “personalization” to be really useful to me. IF that is not currently possible, understood — but it would be a very useful feature to have.

      • I would like to be able to:

        1. Change the position, number and size of of the windows that open – in some cases close them out so that they don’t open at all, as I don’t use them.

        2. Not just prioritize resources, but make sure that only the resources that I want to open actually open.

        Basically, the same type of control over the layout as I would have with any user-created layout…

        I don’t see a “lectionary layout” in my list of named layouts, so I have no way to control it.

        Why not have this named “My Lectionary Layout” and make sure that clicking the link to open the lectionary layout opens that layout, not the default. Similar to “My Passage Guide”.

      • I like the Lectionary Layout. I’d already prioritized both the Navarre Bible commentary and Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, but only the former brings up automatically whatever volume in the collection has material linked with the selected Lectionary passage. ACCS will show relevant volumes if I manually add a resource to the Lectionary Layout window. Can I set automatic presentation of the relevant books in ACCS as now happens with NB?

  • Got the Roman Missal link in my Catholic Lectionary today – all I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now lets link the Liturgy of the Hours!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!

  • hey, the vid shows the lectionary resource with a link that opens up the Missal, the Missals are out now but no link in the lectionary — will that resource get an update as well?

  • Okay, I have the Roman Missal in Verbum now. However, when I follow the instructions in this video to enter lectionary mode, I don’t see the Roman Missal link near the date. I even changed the date to July 11 to match the example given. Still no link. Am I missing something? Thanks.

    • The Missal links are actually an update to the Lectionary. This means it is an additional “product” like the Missal. We had planned to ship the update at the same time as the Missal, but the same factors that delayed the Missal are also affecting the Lectionary. Keep an eye out for the update early next week. (As an update, it will, of course, be free, and will simply require you to restart Logos).

      Thanks for your patience!

  • What I intended to say:
    The day has arrived and has almost departed…
    And yet no missals
    Sad indeed – not even an update? I guess we wait . . .

    • Hi Federico,

      The ship dates are approximate so that we can work out all the bugs before it goes live. It will probably be shipping today!

  • Is it really going to be released tomorrow? 🙂
    Sorry: I’m just excited. Frankly, I think this is the most exciting release of the year.

  • I’m looking forward to having the Missal available in Verbum! Thanks for the video preview!

  • Jumped the gun a little – the Roman Missal is not scheduled to ship until July 18!

    • Yep! This is just a sneak peak. You can get on on Pre-Pub now though for 14% off! (I’ll edit the title to make it more clear.) Thanks Don.

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