Verbum at the Fullness of Truth Conference


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Verbum has partnered with Fullness of Truth to make great conferences even better. Want to know how? This post should answer all your questions.

We want you to get the most out of the conference, and continue growing even after Mass on Saturday. Our Faithlife group and free app help you do this in several ways:

1. Join our Faithlife group to get exclusive conference information and news.

Follow this link and use your Logos account (or easily create one for free) to join a group of conference attendees. Get access to the schedule as a PDF document (in the documents tab) or right in the group (in the calendar tab). Keep an eye out for news and updates in the news tab.

Of course, all these tabs will appear once you join the group:

Join Faithlife Group

 2. Carry the Bible in your pocket.

The free Verbum app (for iOS and Android) puts several Bible translations—including the RSVCE—right on your phone or tablet. Use it to follow along with speakers, review the readings before Mass, or simply dive into the Scriptures. And yes, of course you can keep using it after the conference ends.

 Free Resources

(Trying to download to your Kindle Fire? Here are some step-by-step directions.)

For more information on downloading and using the app, continue to this post. Please note that free resources in the mobile app do not transfer to the desktop software.

3. Access conference information on your mobile device.

Once you’ve downloaded the free app and logged in with your Logos account, you’ll see the Faithlife news feed right in your app. It defaults to “My Faithlife,” but you can swipe in that panel to switch to the conference group feed. Keep track of updates and specials, or share your favorite insights from speakers.

Groups panel

Share right from your mobile device by clicking the “edit” icon.

Post a note

You can even access the calendar from your phone to make sure you don’t miss your favorite speaker. Simply click the “expand group” icon and navigate to the calendar tab.

Expand Group

You’ll access the website through the app frame.

App Frame

Click “done” to return to the Verbum app.

Once you’ve gotten familiar with the group and the app, be sure to join the Fullness of Truth group to hear about other upcoming conferences and special promotions.

Have a question? Post it below. We know this is a quick overview, and we want to help you get the most out of the conference. So let us know how we can help.

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Alex Renn
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  • @Alex, If I’m running Logos on my Kindle previous purchases and Verbum packages, is it redundant to run Verbum, too?

    • It is mostly redundant, but I would encourage you to switch. Your notes and preferences will sync (you will need to re-download any local resources, but that can be managed in the “resource information” panel in the library pane of your desktop app—we will try to write a quick post about that soon.)

      The main advantages of the Verbum app are 1) Faithlife integration: you can access the news feed of your groups from the app. In this case that’s really cool because that is where you’ll find (or post) event updates and can engage with conference members before the event, This is also an easy place to share your panel questions. 2) Verbum blog feed: Rather than the Logos blog, you’ll get more Catholic content on your Kindle. 3) (Sounds like this doesn’t matter as much to you, if you own a Verbum package, but…) The free resources that are available when you first download the Verbum app are more appropriate for Catholic users.

      I hope that clears things up. If you decide to switch and we haven’t written about local downloads, yet, feel free to email me at and I will send you the info you need. God Bless!

  • Question for fullness of Truth panel in Buda, TX July 13th.

    I have heard priests and theologians say that the Church doesn’t have a definitive doctrine on when a human life receives the soul from God. However doesn’t the infallible doctrine of the Immaculate Conception make clear this issue? Wasn’t it Mary’s soul that was immaculate at conception so she had to have a soul at the moment of conception? As fellow humans, don’t we then receive our eternal soul at the moment of conception?

  • Looking forward to the information on the Fullness of Truth conferences. When I click the “follow this link” I am getting this response:

    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.

    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.


    • Steve,

      It should have automatically redirected you to the login page. Are you having the same issue with other links? Try clicking on one of the “calendar tab” or “document tab” links and let me know if you have the same problem.
      You might also try logging in to Faithlife before clicking the link:

      Thanks for the heads up! Let me know if it continues to give you trouble.

      • I have fixed the initial link. The “Calendar tab” link will still give this warning because you must be a group member to access the group calendar.

        Hope to see you all in the group!

Written by Alex Renn