The Classic Wisdom Collection


Tomorrow we ship the Classic Wisdom Collection, a 10-volume set of writings from some of the most prominent and influential Catholic saints and theologians.

A set like this is especially helpful for those interested in devotional study; all the volumes are compiled topically, focusing on major life questions and issues that we confront every day. They are books oriented toward helping the reader better understand themselves in relation to God.

While I was looking over this collection today, I was reminded of the importance of topical, devotional works such as these. I think it is a temptation for those who have been immersed in an academic environment to scoff at collections, thinking that the only real meat is in primary sources, and that systematically mulling through the enormous corpora of the Doctors of the Church is the only sure way to produce any meaningful fruit in one’s life. This is a lie (no doubt rooted in pride) and a terrible tendency that can develop in those who have devoted their lives to research.

This is not to say that hard, systematic research is bad. On the contrary: looking back to the great works of theology produced by saints like Augustine and Thomas Aquinas who systematically address points of doctrine reminds us that the Catholic Church is rooted in a history of serious scholarship. But we must remember, as Augustine himself said, that “Our hearts are restless until they rest in God”: The wellspring of theological richness that flows from the Church is rooted not in a love of knowledge above all, but in a love of God himself.

Sometimes a little book on Solace in Suffering or Strength in Darkness is just what our hearts need. We need to be reminded of the closeness of God in times of sorrow, and we want to hear what those who were closest to God in their lives have to say about certain subjects. That is what a collection such as this does best: It helps remind us God’s truth in the midst of our daily struggles.

Right now you can order the Classic Wisdom Collection at a special Pre-Pub price—but the price goes up tomorrow, the 16th.

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  • Typo in Verbum blog:
    “Our hearts our restless until they rest in God”
    Should read:
    “Our hearts ARE restless until they rest in God”

Written by Aric