How to Use Verbum for Apologetics (pt. 1)

Apologetics can be tricky. In order to do it well, you must have a firm knowledge both of the Faith and of what objections might be raised against it. What’s more, the answers that we give have to be tailored to the premises of the one asking the question—it makes little sense, for example, to cite a proof from Tradition to someone who believes in sola scriptura. And, as if this complexity weren’t enough, in order for apologetics to be effective, the apologist has to be charitable, tolerant, and understanding in his or her answers. The whole enterprise is very difficult. Verbum can help. Watch the video below for some great suggestions.

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Here’s the apologetics collection listed above for reference:

Apologetics list

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  • My apologetics guide is not showing on the list when I do the last part of your video: right-clicking the scripture verse & choose apologetics.

    • Did you make sure and title the guide “Apologetics”? Sometimes it’s easy to forget and leave it as “Untitled”, which is easy to pass over in the guide section.

    • This was an extremely helpful video. I never would have figured this out, and what a timesaver.

Written by Aric