Don’t miss any amazing resources!

We’ve added some incredible resources to the Catholic catalog in the last few months, and many of them are still on Pre-Pub—which means now’s the time to pre-order and save. Take a minute to make sure you didn’t miss anything from our well-known Catholic publishers.

Ignatius Press offers YOUCAT, Scott Hahn’s conversion story, Hildebrand’s Transformation in Christ, and much more.

The Vatican Library (Libreria Editrice Vaticana)is selling The Homilies, Audiences, and Other Writings of Pope John Paul I, Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI, with lots more to come.

Pauline Books and Media features the beloved Theology of the Body, Meditations for Lent and Advent, and Reflections on the Daily Readings collections.

Emmaus Road Publishing has valuable resources on marriage, holiness, Catholic apologetics, and more.

Plus, check out the Conciliar and Post Conciliar Documents of Vatican II from Liturgical Press.

Want to be the first to hear?

We’re implementing some new email lists: a Catholic Pre-Pub list, and a Catholic Community Pricing List. You can get in on these by checking the appropriate boxes in your account settings. Go to the Notifications tab and find (I recommend Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) “Catholic” at the bottom of the “Interest & Affinity-Based Lists” section. Check that box. “Find” again to jump down to the “Product-Specific Lists,” and check the Catholic Community Pricing and the Catholic Pre-Publication lists.

Now you’ll be the first to know about Catholic Pre-Pubs and Community Pricing. And you got here just in time—we’ll be adding some exciting resources in the near future, plus you’ll get last-chance warnings, so you’ll never miss a deal. You’ll be glad you subscribed.

Written by
Alex Renn
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  • Is there overlap between the normal Pre-Pub and Community Pricing lists? If I’m on those lists but not the catholic lists will I miss any resources?

    • The main lists have stopped emailing about most Catholic resources, so you will miss many new resources. Check out the various Ignatius and LEV resources. I expect you didn’t see emails about many of these. There are more coming, and the Catholic lists will be the ones promoting them.

      Hopefully some common interest titles will continue to overlap, but in that case we will do our best filtering to avoid sending you redundant emails. Hope that helps!

Written by Alex Renn