A closer look at the Verbum libraries

Just a year after we released our first line of Catholic base packages, the release of Logos 5 gave us a chance to revisit them. We’ve had such success in the last year—both with those packages and with new Catholic books—that we were able to add to the individual libraries and expand the lineup to give you even better deals. Here’s an overview of what we’ve done and some of the great resources you can get.

First of all, the lineup has been shuffled a bit—the “Foundations” and “Scripture Study” labels have basically been bumped up a whole level. We’ve built Verbum Scripture Study into a thorough library for serious Catholic Bible Study—more substantial than even the old Logos 4 Catholic Scholar’s, with more resources for studying the original languages, like Tischendorf’s Greek New Testament, with its massive apparatus and important new Lexham resources.

Second, we’ve been able to incorporate a lot of the terrific Catholic content we produced over the last year. All the packages have been improved by this; most noticeably, this has allowed us to create two new packages, Verbum Master and Verbum Capstone, that let you build an extensive library at a steep discount.

With Verbum Master, in addition to everything in Verbum Scripture Study, you get even more important Catholic titles, and some great resources for understanding the Scriptures and their context. For instance:

Verbum Capstone includes all of this, plus such a massive library of theological, historical, and biblical works that it’s hard to pick out just a few highlights:

Again, these are just some of the highlights, and this doesn’t even cover the great new Logos 5 features and data sets that you get.

If you already own a Logos 4 Catholic library (or any part of these collections), our upgrade calculator will give you a custom discount based on what you already own. Combined with our limited-time promotional discounts, this makes upgrading to a Verbum package the best way to build your library we’ve ever made available.

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Louis St. Hilaire
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  • I have been a user of the Logos Library System for years now; I started out with the “Catholic Answers” edition, just before Libronix was introduced. I have since been expanding my library and hoping fervently that Logos would someday introduce a version targeting the Roman Catholic Comunity. As usual Logos has come through with “Flying Colors.” Logos has done for its Catholic Audience, what it has been doing for our Evangelical Brothers and Sisters for years. Now Logos has brought the same power of a fully integrated bible study software package to the unique needs of Roman Catholics. Once you experience for yourself the incredible power of this software in your studies of the scripture and of the Church Fathers, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

    One final comment when you open the homepage, you have what is tantamount to a daily newspaper which can allow you to center your devotional reading for that day on just what’s being presented for that day. This could permit you to delve as far as you like into any or all of the topics of interest to you; be careful though, you may find that you have become so engrossed in your studies that before you know, it a couple of hours have gone by, (a good thing.) thus Logos is not only making bible study enriching, but also fun. Thanks Again to the folks at Logos; A loyal customer and sojourner.

Written by Louis St. Hilaire