New Year’s resolutions: Verbum can help

The New Year is right around the corner, and many of you have already made resolutions. I know I’ve made some myself. But did you think to include God in your resolutions? I hope so, and I expect many of you did. How can Verbum help you keep or improve that resolution?

This can be a simple mental exercise, or you can feel free to comment on this blog post. I can think of several ways you might use Verbum to help achieve spiritual growth this year, and I’d love to hear yours.

There are obvious aids for common resolutions: “I want to read the Bible this year”—create a Logos Reading Plan; “I want to study the Church Fathers”—dive in with a Verbum package; “I want to explore the similarities and differences between the four Gospels”—Use parallel passages and the Explorer tool.

But what about those more elusive resolutions—less related to Scripture and more focused on other aspects of the Faith? “I want to go to daily Mass at least once a week.” “I want to receive Reconciliation more often.” “I want to pray more.” That’s historically been my favorite—so vague and impossible to satisfy (although admittedly easy not to fail). How can Verbum help with these?

Of course, I recommend resolving to learn more about the Faith. And a great way to do that is through shared reading plans—like the one we’re hosting on Faithlife for the Year of Faith. Be sure to check it out. It’s not too late to join, and you can either catch up or jump into the middle. Hope to see you there!The first thing to remember is: Verbum is more than an app. With social sharing, Faithlife, and mobility, Verbum has incredible tools to strengthen your Faith. Why not create a Faithlife group for Daily Mass? Challenge your friends to go with you, and accept the reprimands if you don’t show up (but more than likely just build the community at Daily Mass). If you want to pray more, there are so many ways to incorporate Verbum, including Prayer Lists that put your prayer intentions right on the home page and are shareable with your Faithlife group. (Go to Documents > Prayer List and add prayers and notes. If a prayer is answered, add that to the “Answer . . .” field to remove it from your active list and remind yourself of God’s action in your life.)

And for a limited time, you can save at least 15% when you buy a Verbum package. Give your resolutions a boost. Get Verbum today.

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Alex Renn
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Written by Alex Renn