Our Christmas gift to you—and all your friends!

First and foremost, Merry Christmas! May the light of Christ fill your homes and bless you and your families this Christmas season and always.

To celebrate this blessed occasion, we’re giving away the Documents of Vatican II and Verbum Domini until December 31—and asking that you tell all your friends! It’s a free chance to try the software while reading the documents of Vatican II—a wonderful opportunity during this Year of Faith designated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that very council.

What’s the catch?

To be totally honest, we just want more people to hear about Verbum. It’s as simple as that. Thanks to the gracious folks at the Vatican, we have received permission to give away these two stellar resources for a limited time, and we need your help spreading the word.

Please tweet this, share it on Facebook, send it in an email. Don’t let your friends miss out.

Important notes:

You’ll need to use coupon code MerryChristmas2012 at checkout, and if you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one to receive the discount. Don’t be discouraged if it looks like the coupon isn’t working before you log in—if you use code MerryChristmas2012, you will not be charged! We are dedicated to ensuring your happiness. If anything goes wrong, please call us and let us make it right—800-875-6467 (closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

What exactly are you giving me, and how do I use it?

Verbum Domini is an apostolic exhortation that discusses the Catholic approach to, and understanding of, Sacred Scripture. It frequently references the Documents of Vatican II, which allows you to see how the software connects resources, displays citations on hover, and opens the full text with just a few clicks.

If some of your citations don’t display or open, it’s because you don’t own that resource, but there are plenty of citations that do work—even with only two resources!

Try the search tool. You can find what the Documents of Vatican II have to say about the Eucharist, or every time Verbum Domini mentions “Word of God.”

Or you can check out the Cited By tool and work backward. Does Verbum Domini discuss this specific passage of Vatican II?

Create notes or a Vatican II reading plan under the documents menu.

And try out highlighting and personal books.

This is a wonderful opportunity to let your friends try Verbum completely free, and to understand how much more you could do with more resources.

Plus, download the free iOS Verbum app to get a selection of additional free mobile-only resources.

Don’t miss out. Follow the links below for your preferred checkout path:

Put them straight in my cart and add the coupon code for me! >>

I want to read more about the Documents of Vatican II, and I will add MerryChristmas2012 manually. >>

I want to read more about Verbum Domini, and I will add MerryChristmas2012 manually. >>

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Logos.

Written by
Alex Renn
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  • Thanks a lot for gift…Really too much impressive, Now user can easily use this software place of a costly software. Lot of functionality are given in this software. One of my friend is using this and appreciated.Thanks again for this amazing gift.

  • This is great, thank you very much. One suggestion I have, as a Spanish speaking Catholic, is to work on getting Navarra Bible in Spanish (which I have in Accordance), biblia Straubinger, and Torres Amat.

  • Thank you very much for this Christmas gift, Logos Bible software folks! These resources will be very helpful, especially with your software! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!

  • I would like to say thanks for the gift….the thought is greatly appreciated however everytime one of these thank you gifts are offered, they never take into account those customers who have purchased the higher cost libraries like the “Capstone.” Each time recently when a thank you is offered they are choices of items already included in the higher cost libraries. It’s wonderful you are promoting these and saying Thank you to your customers but what about your other customers?

    I hope all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

    • Dan,

      Thanks for asking. By giving away Verbum Domini, we attempted to target as many people as we could with a worthwhile resource (It is only included in Capstone – which means it is new to everyone with smaller libraries). One of the struggles we face is giving away something worthwhile that is not already in Capstone (because Capstone is meant to be the ultimate library) and is not unreasonable—I’d love to give away Anchor Yale, but that will never happen…

      We always try to give incentives and thanks to our biggest package owners because we truly are thankful for you (Take the Advent giveaway: we offered Capstone owners the largest possible prize) What would you like to see in the future? Which resources do you wish you had? What sort of sales or giveaways would you get excited about?

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. And thank you for buying Capstone.

      Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

      • Alex Renn

        Again my email wasn’t a complaint or meant as a cheap shot please understand that. Second, I would never expect anything high end like Anchor Yale to be “given away” nor did I even have that in mind. I apologize if that is what you were reading in my comments…it was not!

        It’s just that you take items and give them free to your customers to say thank you but to the exclusion of others …. what message are your really sending? That’s my point! It’s part of doing business and was a great and generous gift. I greatly appreciated that fact, even though I couldn’t participate it that offer.

        What I wondered is why you cannot include in your selection, items not in the larger libraries as for gifts for those who own those libraries. Last week I bought the $10 New Jerusalem bible study guide because it was not part of the Capstone Library and there are a few other items I took advantage of in the “bid” pricing that have just finished and are in development now that were less than $30 and there are many other small in price item to select from for those with the big libraries.

        As I am still learning and finding my way through your products let me provide a suggestion I believe might be a way to say thanks to your customer and would be a win-win opportunity for you as well as the customer. I would suggest instead of making a specific product item or items your gift that you calculate the value you would accept as an amount for doing business to give as a gift (ex. the recent offer was what approx $25 or $30???) and make your offer based on $$$$ amount, not on product item. You could make the offer as a credit to that persons account when purchasing ANY item. This way you open up opportunity of not only saying thank you to your customers but potentially selling more items as it would reduce the cost to the customer and provide your customer an opportunity to select other items in your inventory. Everyone gets something, the customer gets a choice of many items and it would either be free or at a reduced cost and lastly, the most important, you then are truly thanking ALL of your customers.

        I hope I made myself clearer and again thank you for your generous gift to your customers.


        Dan D’Agostino

      • I didn’t ever think you were complaining. I am sincerely interested in your feedback. Thank you for the suggestions. As I said, we are always looking for ways to thank and engage our Capstone users.

        Thank you for taking the time to comment, and please don’t hesitate to speak up in the future. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

  • Thank you very much for these wonderful resources. I will recommend this to my friends and colleagues.

    One weak spot that perhaps you could improve: The English bibles in the free Verbum app are Douay-Rheims and KJV. I notice that the English bibles in the free Logos App include the NKJV, ESV, and the NASB. Speaking as a Catholic, adding these three (NKJV, ESV, NASB) to the free Verbum app would be a big help. That would give us 5-6 English bibles to compare translations.

    In a few years I will be teaching Sacred Scripture to Catholic seminarians, so I’d like to be able to recommend the Verbum app to them.

    Thank you very much, and Merry Christmas!

Written by Alex Renn