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  • As it happens, a .docx with Augustine’s Confessions in Latin was posted on the Files forum yesterday, almost simultaneously with this post here. It can be compiled as a Personal Book and used within Logos.


    If you look around the Files forum you can also find a Latin grammar, two or three creeds, and perhaps something else. Plus several Catholic works in English (The Cloud of Unknowing, Fénélon, The Pilgrimage of Etheria/Egeria…), a couple of very useful TOC’s/indexes to the ECF, and lots of other stuff, like Kierkegaard, Donne, Dante, Tolstoy, Dickens and Austen.

    Note 1: There may sometimes be updated files later in the threads.
    Note 2: You want threads from 2011 or 2012; earlier files use a different format and can’t be used in L4.

Written by Louis St. Hilaire