New growth in the Year of Faith; new notifications from Community Notes!

First of all, thank you to everyone participating in the Year of Faith reading plan! It’s so exciting to see others’ Community Notes and understand what I’m reading more deeply.

I know it could be even better, though. I’m reading the Catechism cover-to-cover for the first time, and as we start to get into deeper theological territory, I’m going to have some questions. I plan to share those—and I hope you will share yours, too—so that we can encourage stimulating discussion and truly grow in our understanding of the Faith.

We’ve got some terrific theological scholars and apologists in the group, including Thomas McDonald, Devin Rose, and Steve Ray.


So let’s get the discussion going!

Please remember: when you post a note, set the group to “Logos’ Year of Faith”; otherwise, it’s really easy to miss (especially with notifications—see below). We want you to be seen and engaged.

I challenge you to post or reply to a Community Note this week. We all get more out of the Year when someone posts. Let’s push each other to new heights and deeper understanding.

Community Note notifications!

I’m very excited to announce the availability of Community Note notifications! I showed you how to set up email and Faithlife notifications in this recent post; now, when you edit your profile, you’ll find two new options: “New community note added” and “Someone replies to a community note you posted.”

I encourage you to turn these options on—at the very least, to receive notifications when someone replies to your Community Note. This will make it easier to have meaningful discussions in the text. But be aware: if you don’t post notes to “Logos’ Year of Faith,” the notifications won’t work. So there’s extra incentive to remember to post to the right group (not “My Faithlife”).

So go turn on notifications and comment in your Catechism! (Click here to jump into this week’s reading.)

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Written by Alex Renn