The Year of Faith Is Finally Here!

Tomorrow, October 11, marks the beginning of the Year of Faith.

If you haven’t heard about the Year of Faith yet, jump back to Louis’ May blog post to learn how Logos is ideally equipped to answer the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s call for “the wider distribution of [the Catechism and Vatican II documents] through electronic means and modern technologies.”

We’ve been buzzing about the Year of Faith for quite a while, but we’d still love to see more people join. Tell your friends—it’s not too late! Even after the reading plan begins, it’s easy to catch up. The weekly readings are reasonable, and even if your friends need to “catch up to here,” diving into the Catechism is a fantastic way to grow in faith.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, but you just found out about it, here are a few links to catch you up quickly:

–          Overview of the project and directions to join
–          How to connect to the reading plan, post Community Notes, and change Faithlife settings
–          Advanced sharing ideas and techniques
–          The Year of Faith on your mobile device
–          The Catechism on your mobile device
–          Get the most out of your Logos software (with the Catechism Collection and above)

Even if you’ve been following for a while, those last couple may interest you as a Logos Catechism owner.

Let the reading and discussion begin! And don’t forget to select “Logos’ Year of Faith” when you post a Community Note so that people can easily find and respond to your contribution.

Written by
Alex Renn
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  • I like the calendar view. Is there anything like that for iPad? I’ll be exclusively reading there and I’m not sure whether it will tell me “due dates” for given sections of the Catechism.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. This somehow slipped below my radar.

      There is currently no calendar view on the iPad, however, you can see all the readings and “due dates” in List view.
      If you open the reading plan from the documents panel, you can select a dropdown menu in the upper right which gives you the option to switch to List view.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any clarification.

Written by Alex Renn