Searching a Single Book of the Bible

Logos has a special search type just for searching the Bible. Start a Bible Search by clicking the Search button and selecting Bible on the upper left.


One of the Bible Search’s special features is limiting your search to a particular part of the Bible. This can be particularly helpful if you’re searching for a fairly common word and want to focus in on a particular book.

The part of the Bible you’re searching is one of the options set by the blue hyperlinks above the search box. “All Passages” means you’re searching the entire Bible, but you can click the link to see the other options.

“Common Divisions” gives options for just searching the Old Testament or New Testament. These divisions depend on the Bible or Bibles you’re searching, so if you’re searching in a Protestant Bible, you’ll see divisions that reflect the Protestant canon rather than the Catholic canon. Below the divisions, you have the option of searching within the verses from Passage Lists you’ve created.

Below this is a box for specifying your own Bible reference range for searching. Type the name of the book you want to search in this box, press enter, and your search will be limited to just this book.

Of course, you can specify a range that is as wide or narrow as you like. It can even be a list of books or passages. Your custom passage ranges are automatically added as options at the menu, so you can easily select a previously used search range. Use the “Range title” box at the bottom to assign your own title to your range.

You can learn more about search features on the Logos Wiki, and the Catholic Practicum training videos, now available for pre-order, include an entire section on using Search.

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Louis St. Hilaire
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Written by Louis St. Hilaire