Logos’ Top-Rated App—Now with the Catechism!

The Year of Faith is coming, and everyone wants an extraordinary digital Catechism of the Catholic Church. Ideally, it would be a Catechism App, allowing you to have the Catechism in your pocket, accessible anytime. An intriguing idea . . . which is why we went ahead and made it.

Our app will run on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. All you need to do is buy the Catechism—or the powerful Catechism of the Catholic Church Collection—and you’re set. You can download the entire text onto your device or leave it in the cloud and access it anytime you’re connected. The internal cross-references are, of course, tagged as links that display an excerpt before actually taking you to the new section. This results in less back-tracking and helps you go straight to the paragraph you’re looking for.

We’ve gotten some great endorsements from Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Jimmy Akin, Brandon Vogt, and many others, but I’ve still heard concerns—“I’m not a Bible scholar; is Logos simple enough for me to use?” The answer is an overwhelming yes.

The Logos app has all the tools you need to study the Faith at any level.

The iOS version allows notes and highlighting with a variety of styles and colors.  

Notes are easy to create, and they appear as footnotes right in the text. No more cramming your thoughts in a margin or on a tiny sticky note. You can even organize your notes in folders, so you don’t have to remember where you were when you wrote that note—just what it was about. 

And you can open multiple texts at once, so as you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, you can view Bible (and other) references simultaneously in context.

Logos’ Catechism App makes the Catechism more available and more accessible. Get it today and start exploring your Faith with ease.

The Catechism App is part of a greater Logos Bible Software suite. Learn more about our software here.

Written by
Alex Renn
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    • We are working on that and will notify you as soon as it is available there. Meanwhile, you can follow the links above to download it from our website.

  • it isn’t – but a lot like like discrimination – I don’t have U.S. address, so not available.

    • We are working to get the approval to sell the Catechism outside the US. We will be sure to inform you when it becomes available!

      • I’d also be very interested in getting this, if it becomes available outside the US. The copyright difficulty is strange, since its a common translation for the English speaking world.

    • It is not yet available in the app store. The links above will take you to the desired pages, and we will be sure to let everyone know when we do get it in the app stores. Thanks for your interest!

  • What great news! This HUGE!

    My question is, how do current Logos users who have purchased a Catholic package in the past access the new app?

    • Simply download the appropriate app for “your iPad, iPhone, or Android device” and log in with the same account information you use on your desktop. All your resources will automatically synchronize!

  • Thanks for notifying us of this new app for the Catechism. But your news is not news to me because I have already been using it extensively on my iPhone and iPad as well as my MacBookPro. It is wonderful to FINALLY have the Catholic Catechism on my iPhone – and I’m proud of Logos for being the ones to bring it to us in a mobile, note-taking, highlighting, linked format! Bravo.

Written by Alex Renn