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Explore Christology, Apologetics, and More—for 25% Off

The Ignatius Press Theology and Discipleship Collection (8 vols.) brings together notable modern-day Catholic figures—apologists, theologians, speakers, writers, and evangelists—and invites you into a more intimate adoration of Christ and knowledge of God.

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How to use Verbum for Apologetics (pt. 2)

One of the great features of Verbum is the way that the resources included in our base packages compliment each other. Here’s a short training video highlighting a couple of these resources, showing you some easy ways to keep them organized using layouts:

Highlighted in this video is the Handbook of Christian Apologetics (this week only: 50% off with the coupon code VerbumApologetics1) along with The Major Works of Anselm of Canterbury (4 vols., 15% off with the coupon code AnselmEaster).

Remember, both of these resources are included in any of our Base Packages, and we’re giving a special 15% discount on all of these packages in celebration of this Easter season (coupon code VerbumEaster2013). The biggest way to save on a collection of resources will always be through a base package deal, and with 15% off the top this Easter season, you save even more!

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