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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Faith

On the eve of Advent in 2007 then Pope Benedict XVI delivered the encyclical Spe Salvi. In it he talks about how faith unites the present and the future:

Faith is not merely a personal reaching out towards things to come that are still totally absent: it gives us something. It gives us even now something of the reality we are waiting for, and this present reality constitutes for us a “proof” of the things that are still unseen. Faith draws the future into the present, so that it is no longer simply a “not yet”. The fact that this future exists changes the present; the present is touched by the future reality, and thus the things of the future spill over into those of the present and those of the present into those of the future.

Benedict XVI, Spe Salvi (Vatican City 2007).

What are you reading and studying during Advent?

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