Introducing Workflows, a Brand-New Verbum Feature

Fresh with the arrival of Verbum 8 is Workflows, a powerful new Verbum feature that takes you step by step through Bible study and prayer.

We were really excited about this one as a company, and we’re thrilled to see that our customers love it, too.

We particularly like what one of our customers, Cynthia, had to say:

I LOVE workflows. I could go on, but all I’d be doing is repeating myself over and over again.  I love workflows, I love workflows, I love workflows . . .

So how do workflows work?

Studying the Bible can be an intricate process. Should I do a word study? Should I look up cross-references? Should I compare translations? And when should I take these steps?

Workflows guide that process.

Our team of biblical experts has captured the essential steps of lots of different study types—from devotions to sermon prep to exegesis—and laid them out in a clearly organized way.

All you have to do is enter the passage, topic, person, or word you need to study, and Verbum walks you through every step.

And best of all, every book and tool you need along the way is provided for you, right when you need it.

You can also create your own workflows from scratch or by adapting the ones that come standard in Verbum 8.

What are the workflows?

Depending on the Verbum 8 base package or upgrade you choose, you’ll find up to 11 workflows in Verbum.

You can read an overview of all 11 workflows, but here are the basic categories:

Devotional Bible study

Here you’ll find study processes like the Lectio Divina, Bible Devotional, and Praying Scripture workflows.

These help you study the Bible in meditative and devotional ways. They take you into Scripture and guide you in reflecting on your passage before God.

Moderate and topical Bible study

Here you’ll find two- to nine-step study processes that take you a little deeper into the Bible. Choose from Basic Bible Study, Biblical Person, Topical, Biblical Place, and Word Study workflows.

In this level of Workflows, you’ll begin interacting even more with the resources in your Verbum library. For example, the Review Commentary Discussions step in the Basic Bible Study workflow kicks up your commentaries so you can open them with a click.

Intensive Bible study

The Inductive Bible Study, Expository Sermon Preparation, and Passage Exegesis workflows are for serious Bible study.

They integrate all the technical steps of original-language-based exegesis to help you arrive at a thorough understanding of a passage and then teach that passage to others.

Other perks of Workflows

One thing I love about Workflows is that Verbum saves individual studies I’ve started. So if I’m midway through exegeting Ephesians 6:10–17 but need to come back to it another day, I can with a simple click next time I launch Workflows.

I also like how I can mark steps as complete to see my progress. And if I need to skip a step for any reason, I can easily find it later by looking for a gap in my checkmarks.

There’s even a progress bar at the top of workflows to show how close I am to finishing. These visual cues can motivate me and help me estimate how long it will take me to finish my study.

And, one more perk: Verbum users can share their workflows by making them public. This helps everyone share the fruit of their labors in customizing Verbum for even more powerful, detailed Bible study.

How to get Workflows

Workflows are available in all Verbum 8 base packages and upgrades.

Starter- and Bronze-level base packages and upgrades contain a limited number of workflows, whereas Silver packages and up, as well as the Full Feature Upgrade, have the full set.


Learn all about Workflows and how to get them in Verbum.

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