To Understand the Scriptures: Kinship by Covenant

This Easter season is the perfect time to grow your Verbum library—for much less! Near the top of many “must read” lists this season is Kinship by Covenant by ever-popular Catholic teacher and speaker, Scott Hahn.

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The full title of this reader favorite is Kinship by Covenant: A Canonical Approach to the Fulfillment of God’s Saving Promises. In Kinship, Hahn provides a clear look at the theme of covenant and how understanding it can clarify many of the diverse traditions found in the canonical Scriptures.

To illustrate, here’s a sample from the book:

Christ enters fully into solidarity with humanity in general, and Israel in particular, in order to fulfill the probationary terms of the Old Covenant—the terrible curses of which hover over humanity (through Adam) and Israel (since Sinai). Christ graciously bears these curses by voluntarily embracing the suffering of death on the cross. Having been raised and enthroned as the royal high priest, he offers himself as a “perfect” sacrifice in the heavenly sanctuary. The Old Covenant curses are thereby exhausted and reversed, and ultimately transformed into the sacramental means by which the New Covenant is ratified. Thus, the divine blessing God had sworn to Abraham and David by covenant oath, that is, the life and glory of divine sonship, is released.

As one reviewer said, “Until we get ‘covenant’ right, we simply don’t understand the Bible. When I think of the word ‘covenant,’ I think of Kinship by Covenant. When I have any questions about ‘covenant,’ this is the first book I will turn to.”

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