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Pope Francis, in one of his general audiences last year, prayed that “each individual member of the faithful and every Church community will undertake a fruitful Lenten journey.” In response, we created the 2014 Verbum Lenten Journey. Hundreds of Verbum users joined us in meditating upon the Scriptures and discussing them in community.

This year, we’ve partnered with Catholic Scripture Study International to host the 2015 Lenten Journey! With CSSI’s fantastic Scripture study resources and Verbum’s unique tools and community integration, we think you’ll be well-equipped to deepen your prayer life during this Lenten season.

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Written by
Kathryn Hogan
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  • Dear Verbum team,

    I just bought the study Lent: The Road to Redemption today. I have the following questions:

    I see some references on the Catechism, but when I click on the reference, it does not take me to it, on the contrary, it says it is not available. Why?

    Do I have to download the Catechism too?

    • Maria,

      Thank you for asking!

      Yes, the books must be available in your Verbum library for the links to work. You will also need to have a Bible in the software for Bible links to function properly.
      You can save on a lot of great starting resources with the Catechism Collection, or buy each book individually as you want it.

      Hope the helps!

      Enjoy the study!

Written by Kathryn Hogan