Practicum is almost here!

We’ve been working hard to put the finishing touches on Practicum—our expert training video series—available now on Pre-Pub for 43% off. Verbum has rapidly evolved over the past year, and Practicum gives you the most up-do-date instruction on everything you need to know about using Verbum.

Here’s a sneak peak:


Practicum gives you:

  • Nearly 5 hours of instruction
  • Extensive coverage of Verbum functionality, tools, and techniques
  • Instruction in research methodologies from a Catholic perspective
  • Original language instruction designed for both Greek/Hebrew novices and experts
  • High-definition video that lets you pause, playback, and review—allowing you to set your own pace
  • Much, much more.

Get Practicum today and take 43% off.

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Written by Aric