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Search Suggestions is an extremely useful tool only available in Verbum and Logos 5. If you haven’t updated from L4 yet, what are you waiting for? Software updates are (and always will be) freeall you need to do is download the engine. But if you really want to experience the full power of Verbum, upgrading lets you tap into the new datasets and features only available in certain Verbum base packages. If you haven’t yet upgraded from Logos 4, now is the time: Upgrade to a Verbum base package today for up to 20% off!

Verbum makes searching easier and more precise by suggesting queries.

With Search Suggestions you can:

  • Perform complex searches without training.
  • Get specific ideas on what to look for.
  • Find exactly what you want, instantly.


Verbum makes searching intuitive

Start running complex searches right away without any formal training. Search Suggestions shows you how to run advances searches by giving you examples.




Autocomplete walks you through the steps

Verbum’s autocomplete sharpens your search, so you find what you want in less time.




Search by how it sounds

Look up Greek and Hebrew words using the English alphabet. Put in “g:” or “h:” and spell the words phonetically. Logos recognizes them and converts them to Greek or Hebrew automatically for you.

One ClickOne-click searches

Click any suggestion to insert it into your search bar. To modify your search, just replace the key words and preserve the search syntax.

Smart SuggestionsSmart suggestions for every search

Search Suggestions presents unique examples for each search type, so you run smarter basic, Bible, clause, morphology, and syntax searches.

Instant search and analysis

See your Bible, clause, and morphology search results in an analysis view that shows you referents, parts-of-speech, and syntactic roles.

Instant Search and Analysis

With tools like Search Suggestions (in addition to the other great tools and features available in Verbum) you can start studying more precisely and effectively today.

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