The Aramaic Bible Series: Shipping This Friday!

The Aramaic Bible Series presents you with the first-ever full English translation of all the extant Targums. With 22 volumes and over 5,000 pages, this extensive collection will prove invaluable to English-speaking Jewish and Christian scholars alike.

Targum (derived from the early Semitic “trgm” and the term “Targummanu” ) refers to translators. The term may refer to any translation of the Scriptures, but it’s most often used when designating a translation of the Hebrew Bible into Aramaic.

the-aramaic-bible-seriesThese English Targums are particularly  valuable because they give insight into the linguistic differences between the Aramaic and Hebrew translations of the Hebrew Bible. This collection stands out as a strong and reliable English translation, according to Dr. Gary A. Rendsburg of Cornell University, “bringing the difficult world of Targum to a larger audience of biblical scholars.”

Scholars in the field know just how important and useful these volumes are. In Verbum, these resources are extremely powerful, linking to any Bible translation or source text in your library. Plus, you can study these English Targums and the original Aramaic forms side by side with The Targums from the Files of the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project.

You can get 29% off this collection of expert translations today—but get them quickly! When The Aramaic Bible Series ships this Friday, the price goes up.

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