Don’t Scorn the Cross of Christ

And so, my brothers and sisters, this is what I hope I have managed to instill into your hearts: if you wish to live in a devout and Christian way, cling to Christ according to that which he was made for us, so as to come to him according to that which he is and according to that which he was. He came here so that he could become, for us, what he was not, because, for our sakes, he was made into the one who would carry the weak across the sea of this world and so arrive at their home country, where no boat will be needed, because there is no sea there to be crossed. Therefore, it is better to fail to see what is with the mind and even so not draw back from the cross of Christ, than to see what is with the mind and scorn the cross of Christ. Better than this, even best of all, if it can be done, is that the traveler both see where to go and hold on to what will carry him there.

St. Augustine – Homilies on the Gospel of John 1–40
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