Last Chance! Missals Of The Roman Catholic Church On Pre-Pub

missals-of-the-roman-catholic-churchThe Roman Missal is finally available in Verbum, and you still have a chance to lock in 14% off in Pre-Pub before it ships this month on the 20th. The Missals of the Roman Catholic Church (3 vols.) includes the 1962 Missale Romanum, in addition to the Latin and English versions of the current Roman Missal, Third Edition, approved by Pope John Paul II.

The Missals include the Order of the Mass, which contains the parts of the liturgy that are consistent in every mass, the Propers, which dictate prayers for feast days and specific liturgical dates, the Commons, which cover more general masses in coordination with the Propers, and other sections which lay out masses for any other occasion or intention.

Syncing to all of your devices, Verbum allows you to read the Missal wherever you go—on tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Follow along in any mass, or research the structure of the mass in conjunction with hundreds of other Magisterial documents in Verbum.

The Verbum editions of the Missals provide all Scripture references on mouse-over, and access from there directly to all your other Verbum resources. Verbum also makes navigating lengthy, multi-volume works easier than ever—topics and Scripture references can be searched instantly with the click of a mouse. Elegantly paired with the Verbum Lectionary, the Missals enable deep and critical reflection on the readings and prayers that make up the celebration of what the Second Vatican Council called “the source and summit of the Christian life”: the Eucharist.

Get the Missals of the Roman Catholic Church for Verbum today!

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