Father’s Day Special!

Don’t forget! Next Sunday is Father’s day, and to celebrate this day of fatherhood—both familial and spiritual—we have some great resources on sale exploring concepts like family, marriage, sexuality, and what it means to be a father. Use the coupon code FATHERS2013 to get 15% off any of these titles throughout the week!

The Theology of the Body Collection (7 vols.)theology-of-the-body-collection

Featuring John Paul II’s famous Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body, this collection includes 7 resources that expound on the purpose and meaning of family, sexuality, and the role that fatherhood plays in the context of God’s creation. In Verbum, these books connect to your whole library, cross-referencing other works in your library as often as those works are cited.

 Apostolic Fathers in Greek and English (Lake and Lightfoot Edition)
and the Early Church Fathers Special Catholic Edition (37 vols.)

What better way to study Fatherhood than by reading the Church Fathers themselves? Get deep insight into the vast tradition of the Catholic faith by reading what the early Church Fathers have to say about God, humankind, and the family.

And on Pre-Pub, you can save 36% on the Catholic Marriage and Family Collection (6 vols.)

Learn what the Catholic Church teaches on natural family planning, technology and media, and raising a family in the midst of a non-Christian culture.

Of course, you can save even more by getting one of the Verbum library collections, all of which include early Church Fathers resources in addition to a vast library of interconnected titles and tools to help you study scripture and Tradition. Plus, the rest of this month you can get 15% off any collection that includes the Catechism with the coupon code Catechism13, saving you even more when you get a Verbum library!

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