New: The Catholic Scripture Study International Collection (Save 25%!)

This 30-volume collection was compiled with weekly group study in mind, taking you and your study group through books in the Bible, important liturgical calendar days, and a careful selection of important moral and theological issues. Featuring authors like Scott Hahn, Mark Shea, Steve Ray and more, this collection brings together a group of some of the biggest names in Catholic apologetics, teaching, and catechesis.



The Catholic Scripture Study International collection is broad in scope and deep in content. It covers texts from the Holy Scriptures to Vatican II, making this collection a powerful tool in conjunction with the rest of your Verbum library.

Whether you want to use this collection in the context of group study (taking advantage of Faithlife and creating an online study group) or on your own, the Catholic Scripture Study International collection is a welcome addition to anyone’s library.

Get it today for 25% off before the price goes up!

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  • Thanks Aric for the blog. I have a few questions:
    1- Does someone have experience using this study? Or where can I find unbiased reviews?
    2- This seems geared towards group bible study but I wonder how adapting this to personal study affects its use / benefit.
    3- It know it’s possible to use notes in Verbum like with any other resource, but for a format such as this where there are questions and space for user input, is it possible to answer questions in the resource itself somehow? Would this text input be searchable? Can you input links to other resources or to notes in a note file etc?

    • EDIT: You can type straight into the text fields in this resource and others that have open fields like this one.

      Thanks for the comment Sleiman. To your questions:

      1) More information about this study can be found at the original publishers website @ Though the information you find here probably won’t be totally unbiased, it’s a great place to start. They have access to first hand testimonials and other users who have experience with the product in print.

      2) It is geared towards group bible study, but of course works extremely well for personal study as well. In Verbum, tools like reading plans, word study, search and citation tools make resources like the CSSI powerful studies in and of themselves or fantastic starting points for even deeper study.

      3) Notes, clipping files, and community groups on Faithlife are the best way to enter in user input. The cool thing about Verbum is that you can type in whatever you want, with references, hyperlinks, font formatting etc — anywhere you want in your resources. Note and clippings files attach to any document where you want them to, and they are easily referenced and searchable. I’ll probably do a training video for this very series once it gets into production, but for now feel free to check out this post or this post for a quick run-down of how Verbum organizes notes files.

      More good news is that we’ll be releasing a lot more training videos in the very near future, so watch for them on the blog!

    • I was just informed that you can actually type in straight into the text fields within the resource itself! So, though notes are a valid and useful option, the CSSI resource actually allows you to do just what you were asking about—type in directly to the fields in the resource itself. I hope this helps!

Written by Aric