Catholic Study Bible now available in Verbum

187033The Catholic Study Bible (2nd ed.)has finally arrived in Verbum. A staple in the Catholic scholar’s arsenal of study tools, this amazing resource includes the detailed book-by-book reading guide for which it is famous.

This edition’s 500-plus pages of essays cover the whole Bible. You’ll gain access to a wealth of information about each book’s history, cultural context, theological themes, and interrelatedness. Included are dozens of full-color Oxford Bible maps, a detailed glossary of special terms, and—most of all—a world of scholarly insight that is both profound and readily accessible to any inquirer into the Sacred Scriptures. Follow the scholarly conversation about Scripture—link this comprehensive work to your other resources.

This study Bible has become a Catholic standard for scholars and laypeople alike. Finally, it’s available for you in Verbum.

Order it now on Pre-Pub before the price goes up.


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  • The sample pages shown do NOT help. They tells about the book but do not show a sample of what this book says about any text of Scripture.

    • The sample pages exist more to show you what the layout of the original text looks like rather than give you a kind of “open book” to skim the contents. However, I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to augment our current sample page for this title. In the meantime, I highly suggest looking up this title on Google Books or Amazon if you’d like to see more content in context. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!

Written by Aric