The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and the RSV2CE—Logos makes them even better

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition (RSV2CE) are now available together as a Logos Pre-Pub. Authored by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is one of the most popular Catholic study Bibles.

Acclaimed for its readability, commitment to Catholic biblical interpretation, and apologetic approach to Catholic doctrine, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible includes the best insights from ancient, medieval, and modern scholarship. It’s filled with word studies, maps, extensive notes, and topical essays. Each book of the Bible receives an introductory essay discussing its authorship, target audience, general themes, and more. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch pull in biblical interpretations and insights from the early Church Fathers, official church documents, and modern Bible scholars in order to deliver a faithfully Catholic study Bible, rich with history, literary studies, and theology. Even non-Catholics will find engaging content here. And if you’re still not convinced, Logos has made it even better.

“How could you have possibly made it better?”

Thanks for asking. We read every less-than-five-star review on Amazon and Goodreads—there weren’t many—and found that the general reason for docking stars was the format. Most frequently, the text was deemed too small, or readers minded not being able to view notes and text simultaneously in the digital version. We’re happy to assure you that these will not be problems in Logos.

You can easily resize the text in any resource, and even change the font itself! Plus, you can read your books on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device—whichever screen is most comfortable for you.

As for notes, Logos lets you easily lay out your resources in the most efficient way for you. You can have your notes, the study notes, the Bible, and any other resources or tools you want open simultaneously, or you can save space with tabbed panels. You never have to worry about losing your place or your notes while you work.

This resource speaks for itself. And in the Logos format, it speaks even louder. Pre-order today and save over 20%, and then post your own five-star review!

Written by
Alex Renn
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  • Releasing it this way will make it more difficult to use, won’t it? I mean, having it in one volume means that I don’t have to have multiple windows open if I want to jump to different parts of the study notes.

    I understand if the remaining pieces of the Old Testament are not included in the price, however, it seems like a pain in the rear to ultimately have two different resources to use!

    If I buy the remainder of the OT when it comes out it would be nice if it was integrated into one resource. Does that make sense, Alex?

    • I think I understand what you’re saying. I can’t say for sure how it will be packaged once it is completed, but in the meantime we are just setting up a system so we can get you the most volumes as early as possible.

      I agree that it would be nice to open the ICSB OT and jump around rather than having to open the ICSB Genesis book and then the ICSB Exodus, etc. I will be sure to mention your concern, and see what we can do. But for now, you get Genesis and Exodus much sooner with this method.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • The multiple volumes will function as a series, which allows them to work together pretty seamlessly. For instance, if you’re at John 1 in the NT volume, you can enter “Ge 1” in the active reference box and it will take you straight to the Genesis volume.

        Likewise, if you put one of the volumes in a link set with your Bible and navigate to Genesis 1 in your Bible, the notes resource will follow along to the Genesis volume.

  • Terrific resources, obviously, to add to the growing collection of top-shelf Catholic resources available in Logos. Thank you.

    I have a question about the RSV2CE text: do you plan on integrating a reverse interlinear layer into the text, as you’ve done for the NT of the RSVCE?

    • Ideally we would like to have reverse interlinears in all our Bibles. How feasible that is and how quickly it will happen are questions I cannot answer right now. But your comment lets us know it’s important to you, and that can never hurt. Thanks for your interest.

  • I am already using the book. The commentary is meticulously well done by Scott Hahn and Curtis Martin. Scott is one of the best bible exegetes today and is a prominent Scripture professor in the Steubenville University, Steubenville,Ohio. It has so many references and study aids.

  • I notice that the edition currently only has the new testament and the first two books of the old, will the rest of the old testament be included with future updates as they are released? That would certainly have an impact on whether to make my purchase now versus waiting for the complete product down the road.

    • Ignatius Press has yet to produce the rest of the Old Testament. We have not confirmed, yet, how the future books will be released, but we can promise that you will never have to re-purchase the commentaries you already have. However, to be clear, the additional resources will be an additional cost (they will not be automatically added if you own this resource.)

      There is no reason to wait—especially when you can save 22% with the Pre-Pub price. Please let me know if you have further concerns.

  • The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible and the RSV2CE is a great study bible, I have the print edition, but it is only the new testament.

    The price you are offering would be worth it if it contained all the text of the old testament at no extra cost, as it says available as separate volume at extra cost, though I could not find the price for it.

    • The product page lists “A complete copy of the RSV2CE as a separate resource.” Which may have caused confusion. If you pre-order this resource, you will get—as part of the bundle ($34.95 Pre-Pub price)—the entire text of the RSV2CE. New and Old Testament. But it will appear in your library like any other Bible—as its own resource. I hope that answers your question.

      • Thank you Alex for clarifying, Yes I got confused when I read it, I have pre ordered it 🙂

Written by Alex Renn