Verbum in your pocket

We recently launched our Verbum package line, and we’re excited to announce that you can now take these amazing collections on the go in our customized, free Verbum iOS App! *

Don’t own a Verbum package? The app, compatible with all your Logos and Vyrso content, features incredible free resources, including the Catholic Lectionary, Sources of Catholic Dogma, Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, several free Bibles, and more.**

What’s the big deal? It looks just like Logos’ “Bible!” app

Verbum features several significant changes we think you’ll love:

1)      Better free resources. As mentioned above, we’ve customized the free resources so that you can start using the app immediately. Jump from the Lectionary to the day’s readings, or study the life of today’s saint. Verbum makes it easy.

2)      Faithlife feed on the homepage. Stay current with your groups and reading plans with a Faithlife feed right on your homepage. Scroll through groups or comments to see what your friends are talking about today. Verbum brings your community to your fingertips.

3)      Blogs and news from Logos. Get this blog feed, as well as special news, delivered right to the app. You’ll find it all on the homepage, where it’ll never interrupt your reading.

Take a moment to download Verbum and tell us what you think. Email us directly, or write a public rating in the app store. And most importantly, tell your friends. It’s free, and with the social benefits of Faithlife, it’s better together.

*Android version also available!

**Free mobile resources aren’t available on other platforms because users don’t own licenses to the material.

Written by
Alex Renn
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  • A comment about the blog posts and other news items that are supposed to come with the Verbum app. I get them on the Android app, but never on the iOS app. But the Bible iOS app has some of them. So what’s going on?

    • Apple has different restrictions on what can and cannot be pushed to the apps in their store. The iOS app will always get fewer news articles and blogs because of these restrictions. We have recently become aware that none of our blogs have been publishing to iOS, and are working to remedy that. Thanks for asking!

  • Just as a PSA, while Verbum is on the Apple Appstore, Google Playstore and Amazon Apps store, it has nnot been approved as yet for the Kindle Fire. So, from the Kindle Fire, it will not appear when you seach the app store. Even if you “purchase” it (it is free of charge from a PC, it shows as not compatible with the Kindle Fire. On another blog on Verbum, Alex says that they are eagerly awaiting Amazon’s approval for the Kindle Fire.

    Ah, patience is a virtue…..

  • I hate to be one of the impatient ones, but an estimated release date of the android version would be nice. Is apple really that much bigger than android? Seems they get so many apps released first.


  • This is great. I like the faithlife feed integration. Do you know if this can be done on the desktop version of the Verbum homepage or will it be a future feature?

      • In that same vein, I like the calendar devotionals being integrated into the app (e.g. Lives of the Saints). Could you also check to see if this will be available on the sidebar of the desktop version of Verbum?

Written by Alex Renn