The Catholic Encyclopedia – another Pre-Pub Steal!

If you haven’t read our blog post about Community Pricing, now is the time. The Catholic Encyclopedia (17 vols.) is currently on Community Pricing for $30. That’s less than $2 per volume—an outstanding price for anything, but a truly unbelievable price for a resource as rich and useful as this one.

With 11,600 articles, hundreds of maps and illustrations, and contributions from 1,500 scholars, The Catholic Encyclopedia has remained a standard reference work for more than a century—a work so large that, when first published, it required the creation of a new publishing company to accommodate the printing.

This mammoth database is ideal for students, scholars, priests, and laypeople—for everyone who needs in-depth Catholic answers fast.

Being able to quickly, easily search and explore a reference work this large is a tremendous time-saver; for that reason alone, the print edition is incomparable. Plus, Logos’ intuitive linking technology allows you to jump right into the resource from other books in your library, then return with a click to any title referenced. Scripture passages appear on mouse-over, and it’s easy to take notes right in the text (just in case there isn’t enough information already.)

But, as you know from the Community Pricing post, a resource this cheap needs a lot of backers. Share this with your friends and family and let’s make it happen!

Written by
Alex Renn
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  • I’m still trying to wrap my mind around community pricing. I select the price I want and if they get enough people to cover the cost I get it for that price. Am I correct?

    • If they get enough people to cover cost at that price, everyone gets it for that price. If we cover it at a lower price, then you pay the lower price. have you seen the video about community pricing?

Written by Alex Renn