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5 Ways Verbum Helps Any Catholic Go Deeper in the Faith

If someone wants to renew their love for Scripture, challenge themselves to grow spiritually, and revel in the awe-inspiring character of God, there’s no substitute for studying the Mind of the Church. [Read more…]

Get April’s Free Book—and More Savings on Respected Works

This Lenten season, go deeper in your understanding of Jesus’ life with The Navarre Bible: Saint Luke’s Gospel—April’s free book. [Read more…]

Painting of the Week: The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs

The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs, along with four other panels, formed the predella (or lower section) of the high altarpiece of San Domenico at Fiesole, near Florence. [Read more…]

What Can We Truly Know about St. Joseph?

Verbum’s Saint of the Month is St. Joseph, husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. [Read more…]

Ending Soon: Feud of the Fathers Sale

Your chance to save on Church Fathers like St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, St. Irenaeus, and more ends on March 31.

Thanks to your votes, St. Augustine was named the winner of Verbum’s Feud of the Fathers. Now through Sunday, you can save 40% on this 14-volume collection filled with many of St. Augustine’s most respected works. [Read more…]

How We Use Verbum: Angela Lott and Preparing for the Weekly Gospel Reading

This is the first in a series on how Verbum employees use the software in their daily lives and studies. [Read more…]

Painting of the Week: Joseph Accused by Potiphar’s Wife

The story of Joseph fascinated Rembrandt, who crafted numerous drawings, prints, and paintings of this Old Testament figure.

Having failed to seduce Joseph, Potiphar’s wife is seen here falsely accusing him of trying to violate her. Speaking to Potiphar, the wife gestures to the red robe at the foot of the bed that Joseph left behind, intentionally darkened to emphasize the wickedness in her accusation. [Read more…]

And the Verbum Feud of the Fathers Winner Is . . .

You’ve researched, you’ve voted, and now, the time has come! Your Verbum Feud of the Fathers winner is . . . St. Augustine! [Read more…]

What St. Joseph Rendered to God, Others, and Himself

In honor of Verbum’s Saint of the Month, we present this excerpt that reveals the depth of Joseph’s character in relation to God, to others, and to himself. [Read more…]

Verbum’s Feud of the Fathers Is Hotter Than the Council of Nicaea

We’re already to the final round in Verbum’s Feud of the Fathers!

We’ve seen some upsets, like St. Gregory of Nyssa defeating St. Gregory Nazianzen or St. Athanasius rising above Origen. We’ve seen some powerhouses cruise through the first two rounds, like St. Augustine and St. Jerome. [Read more…]

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