May Savings You Won’t Want to Miss!

Verbum has prepared some amazing May discounts for you. And you can still get great savings through our ongoing Easter sale, including 20% off the Modern Catholic Authors Bundle (243 vols.), 50% off the Works of Thomas Aquinas (18 vols.), and so much more!

This month only save 20% on all Verbum 7 base packages

If you don’t own Verbum Bible Software, or you do and have been thinking of upgrading your Verbum package, now is a perfect time. 

During the month of May, you can save 20% on all Verbum 7 base packages, even if you’re upgrading to Verbum 7 from another package!

May is a great time to experience the accessibility, functionality, and wealth of resources Verbum 7 offers. You’ll have immediate access to a Bible study library that will give you a greater understanding and knowledge of the biblical text with instantly accessible Bible translations, commentaries, dictionaries, classic devotionals, creeds, autobiographies, apologetics, and more.

And if you already have Verbum, you have great reasons to upgrade. First, you keep your current library. Regardless of what Verbum package you currently have, you keep all the books in your library. You won’t lose anything. And second, you won’t pay twice for books you already own. You only pay for the additional books and resources that come with your upgrade. That’s right, you receive a custom discount based on the books you already own. It’s a great, economical way to grow your library, especially at 20% off.

But to secure this special discount on all Verbum base packages, you need to order this month!

May’s biggest deals

Verbum’s May discounts include valuable resources, whether you’re a pastor, scholar, student, or layperson. Here are five of the best deals:

40% off The Medieval Preaching and Spirituality Collection (34 vols.)This collection includes classical works from Boethius, St. Gregory the Great, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Thomas Aquinas, and many others who built the Church through scholarly devotion from the fourth to the fifteenth centuries.

25% off Fathers of the Church: Fathers of the Post-Nicene Era (14 vols.)The post-Nicene era produced a profound wealth of Christian literature through the Church’s newfound freedom combined with the foundation of fundamental doctrines hammered out in earlier centuries.

20% off Classics of Western Spirituality: Pre-Reformation Christianity (55 vols.)A broad collection that spans the first 15 centuries of Christian writing, these classics cover a wide range of topics and genres including theology, poetry, asceticism, histories, devotionals, and spiritual treatises.

20% off Classics of Medieval Spirituality (41 vols.)Rich in wisdom and devotion, this collection features over 40 volumes of works as applicable today as the day they were written. The collection includes works by the early Dominicans, Bernard of Clairvaux, and Catherine of Siena.

20% off Catholic Virtue and Holiness Collection (7 vols.)These seven volumes will help you build spiritual strength, experience joyful meditations, and encourage a life of godliness and Christian virtue.

Even better savings for Verbum Now members

Verbum Now gives you the latest tools for studying Scripture and Tradition, but also offers exclusive perks like free previews of resources and special deals.

Plus, Verbum Now members can pick a free book during the month of May from a list of more than 3,000 titles. If you’re a Now member, use coupon code NOWFREEBOOKMAY2018 at checkout to claim your free book.

For May, Verbum Now members get free, full access to Bloomsbury Studies in Modern Orthodox Theology (3 vols.) and 40% off T&T Clark Studies in Early Christianity.

And if you’re not a Verbum Now member, become one today!

Free Book of the Month

Our free book for May is Letter and Spirit, vol. 1 – Reading Salvation: Word, Worship, and the Mysteries, by Scott Hahn. Letter and Spirit is a journal of Catholic biblical theology that seeks to foster a deeper conversation on Sacred Scripture.

Then add the second volume, Letter and Spirit, vol. 2 – The Authority of Mystery: The Word of God and the People of God, for only $1.99 more.

Finally, complete the set with Letter and Spirit, vol. 3 – The Hermeneutic of Continuity: Christ, Kingdom, and Creation, for only $2.99.

That’s three books for under $5.00!

But all these specials are only for May. Act now to take advantage of these great savings!

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