Free This Month: Letter & Spirit, Vol. 1

Letter and Spirit is a highly respected and popular journal, released each year by the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and edited by founder Scott Hahn.

With every issue, Letter and Spirit carefully selects articles that work to resolve the tension between the scientific and historical study of Scripture and its spiritual and liturgical application within Church tradition. Each volume is devoted to fostering knowledge and love for the Church in both the mind and heart of the scholar, priest, and layperson.

And this month you can get Letter and Spirit, vol. 1 – Reading Salvation: Word, Worship, and the Mysteries for free.

This inaugural volume of Spirit and Letter contains articles, essays, and book reviews that contemplate Scripture from the perspective of 2,000 years of Church authority and tradition. Each article seeks to understand the broader relationship between the Word of God and the people of God—the Church.

Highlights include Dr. Brant Pitre’s article The Ransom for Many, an examination of the two concepts of redemption and ransom and that of restoration from exile. Augustin Cardinal Bea affirms the inerrancy of Scripture in light of the Dei Verbum in Tradition and Traditions. And Robert Louis Wilken expounds upon the importance of allegory in the interpretation of the Old Testament.

For only $1.99, add Letter and Spirit, vol. 2 – The Authority of Mystery: The Word of God and the People of God.

The second volume was inspired by the scholarship of Pope Benedict XVI and his concern with the relationship of the Bible to our faith in Christ. Much of the work in this volume challenges the assumed scientific nature of the historical-critical method in relationship to the Dei Verbum and the study of Scripture. It also seeks to clarify the foundational question of how we are to read Scripture in light of our understanding of who Jesus Christ is. In addition, this volume contains articles by Avery Cardinal Dulles, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Scott Hahn, and more.

And for only $2.99 more, add Letter and Spirit, vol. 3 – The Hermeneutic of Continuity: Christ, Kingdom, and Creation.

Volume three defines the importance of continuity of thought and logical consistency when studying all matters related to Scripture and the Church. It includes scholarly works by Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, and Avery Cardinal Dulles on topics including indulgences, maternal images of the Holy Spirit, and St. Thomas Aquinas’ thoughts on the doctrine of the Image of God.

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