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May is a great time to get scholarly and time-trusted resources that will add depth to your library. Each of these resources is discounted as part of our May sale so you can save money and get more out of your personal studies—and grow in your devotion to God.

Ancient Christian Writers: Nicene Era Collection (12 vols.) – $299.99 (25% off). The Nicene era is often called the Golden Age of Patristic Literature and for good reason. The church fathers of the fourth and fifth centuries made a decisive impact on Christian tradition, defining critical dogmas and doctrines while battling heresies and forming creeds.

These 19 volumes of primary sources—many translated into English for the first time—give you access to the most critical texts of this era. Highlights include the Letters of St. Jerome and his commentary on Ecclesiastes, the sermons of St. Maximus, St. Prosper of Aquitaine’s defense of St. Augustine, and works by Theodoret of Cyrus.

Letter & Spirit Collection – $99.99 (23% off). This collection contains all existing issues of Letter and Spirit, the highly respected and popular journal released each year by the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and edited by founder Scott Hahn.

With every issue, Letter and Spirit carefully selects articles that work to resolve the tension between the scientific and historical study of Scripture and its spiritual and liturgical application within Church tradition. The collection is devoted to fostering knowledge of and love for the Church in both the mind and heart of the scholar, priest, and layperson. Each volume includes numerous articles, essays, notes for further study, and in-depth book reviews.

The Hidden Manna: A Theology of the Eucharist – $14.99 (21% off). This classic on Eucharistic teaching gives a complete history of its theology and a thorough explanation of the sacrament, including in-depth historical documentation reaching back to the earliest foundations of the Church. Fr. James T. O’Connor carefully works through the thoughts of the early church fathers, the arguments that emerged against the nature of the Eucharist, and the writings of the post-Patristic popes as they confronted more modern disputes. Included is a new introduction by Fr. Kenneth Baker, a new preface from the author, new material from John Paul II, and the original foreword by Cardinal John O’Connor.

Each of these resources is fully integrated with your Verbum library and features. Every Scripture reference is linked to your preferred Bible translation—and the Search feature and Passage Guide make new discoveries a click away. With Verbum, you’ll spend more time gaining insight and less time trying to find what you’re looking for.

Shop the May sale now and discover all these resources and more at great discounts, including 20% off Verbum 7! But this is a limited-time offer, so save while you can!

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