This Month Only: Get the Vulgate and Two Interlinears for Under $5

Verbum’s Free Book of the Month for April links three important study resources: The Clementine Vulgate (free), the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: New Testament ($1.99), and the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: Old Testament ($2.99).

You get all three for under $5—and you’ll definitely want to get all three. Here’s why:

The Clementine Vulgate is a prerequisite resource for both reverse interlinears. Because the interlinears don’t come preloaded with the Vulgate, the free resource is needed to make them work.

Start with free

Let’s start with the free resource. Commissioned by Pope Damasus I and prepared c. AD 383–405, Jerome’s Vulgate rapidly became the standard version of the Bible in the West and remained so for centuries.

Some years later, the Clementine Vulgate became the official edition of the Latin Vulgate, corrected and standardized following the Council of Trent and promulgated in 1592 by Pope Clement VIII. It remained as the official Latin Bible text for the Roman Catholic Church until the end of the twentieth century.

Get the Clementine Vulgate today, free.

Interlinear Greek: A new tool

The Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: New Testament is a powerful new tool that makes comparative study of the biblical languages faster and easier than ever. This resource lets you explore how the Greek New Testament corresponds to the Vulgate that served as the foundation of vernacular Bible translations from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century.

The reverse interlinear arranges original Greek text below the Latin translation, shuffling the Greek to follow the Latin word order. The intuitive format lets you compare content and structure of the two languages. Multiple layers of interlinear data display Greek lemmas, morphology, and more about the original language. With a click, you’ll trace each Latin word to its specific lemma and morphological form, making precise searches and word studies for Latin and Greek quick and easy.

Finally, direct links to lexicons, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources enable in-depth study of the Latin text and its Greek source.

Get the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: New Testament for just $1.99.

Interlinear Old Testament: Back to basics

The Vulgate Old Testament is a composite text with books that Jerome translated anew from the original languages, as well as other books that retain Old Latin renderings that Jerome left unrevised. Our reverse interlinear reflects the variety of the Vulgate’s Old Testament sources, aligning each part of the Latin text to the relevant Hebrew or Greek source.

For Psalms and deuterocanonical texts that Jerome translated from Greek, his Latin translation is aligned to the respective Greek versions he used—the Septuagint and the translation of Theodotion.

This reverse interlinear allows powerful searches and in-depth word studies on the Latin, Hebrew, and Greek texts. Important terms in all three languages link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library.

Get the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: Old Testament for just $2.99 more, get all three resources for under $5, or learn more about Verbum’s Free Book of the Month—and be sure to sign up for future giveaway reminders!

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