Logos March Madness is here!

Logos March Madness

Perhaps you have heard of (or even participated in) Logos March Madness in the past. In case you don’t know, our friends at Logos hold a contest every year for customers to vote for their favorite authors, whereby the resources for the authors get an increasingly greater discount as they move through the bracket. This year Logos March Madness is back, with a new twist. Instead of voting for your favorite authors, you get to vote for you favorite commentary collections, with the winners moving on, and the runner-ups going on sale. The further a commentary goes, the bigger the discount (with the winner priced at 60% off).

Verbum is making a guest appearance this year with four commentaries in the running. Make some waves and show how important these commentaries are in theology and biblical studies. Vote now, and check back to save each round.

The four Verbum/Catholic resources participating this year are:

  1. New Collegeville Bible Commentary (25 vols.)
  2. Berit Olam: Studies in Hebrew Narrative & Poetry (13 vols.)
  3. Sacra Pagina New Testament Commentary Series (18 vols.)
  4. Navarre Bible, Standard Edition (19 vols.)

Here’s the round schedule. Voting ends at noon (PT) on the dates below, and the next round starts immediately.

Round 1: March 1–3 (35% off eliminated resources)
Round 2: March 3–6 (40% off eliminated resources)
Round 3: March 6–9 (45% off eliminated resources)
Round 4: March 9–12 (50% off eliminated resources)
Round 5: March 12–15 (55% off eliminated resources)
Round 6: March 15–19 (57% off runners up, 60% off champions)
All Deals Live: March 19–31

Go to LogosMarchMadness.com to choose your champions! Round 1 ends March 3 at 5:00 p.m. (PT), so don’t wait!

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