The Seven Last Words of Jesus

In honor of Good Friday, Verbum would like to invite you to a deeper meditation on Christ’s crucifixion. Fr. Devin Roza, LC, a student of Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, shows us how to find the seven last words of Jesus, and gives us some food for thought that we can carry with us throughout the day — and throughout the Triduum.


Written by
Alex Renn
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  • When I click on forsaken in Matthew 27:46, I don’t get the drop down that you show with Jesus as speaker. Any ideas please? I do appreciate the posting and tutorial on using Verbum.


    • Michael,
      What translation of the Bible are you using? Certain functions (including the speaker labels) require a reverse interlinear. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to add a reverse interlinear to the NABRE (which I would guess is the translation you’re having trouble with…?). Try following along in the RSVCE, which has a New Testament Reverse Interlinear. And for future reference, the NRSV has a reverse interlinear for the Old Testament.

      I hope that helps!

      • Alex,

        I’m having the same issue as Mike. I tried it using multiple translations, including the same RSVCE that Fr. Roza did, and I don’t get Jesus as speaker either. I get language tools, and Jesus Dies on the Cross event, but that’s all.



      • John, thank you for following up. I forgot that this also requires the “Reported Speech Dataset.” This is available in Scripture Study and above, or as part of the Feature Crossgrade. It is tied to the reverse interlinear, so you need both for it to appear.

        Sorry for the incomplete information, initially. Does that seem to line up with what you own?

      • Thanks for the reply Alex. Unfortunately, I haven’t upgraded to Scripture Study, and probably won’t anytime soon. Too bad the dataset isn’t available separately!

  • Awesome. I did know about some of those tools. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the end assignment. : ) Have a happy Easter!

Written by Alex Renn