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Happy July!

This summer we’ve got a lot of new and exciting titles rolling out, as well as some amazing sales and discounts you won’t want to miss. To kick off this first week of July, you can get 15% off these great collections with the coupon code Independence2013 at checkout.

early-egyptian-monasticism-collectionEarly Egyptian Monasticism Collection (5 vols.)

The great tradition of monasticism that lives within the Catholic Church can be traced back to a movement that began in the deserts of Egypt thousands of years ago. Early Christians would live out solitary lives in contemplation and prayer—some even fled to the deserts to flee from Roman persecution. This collection gives you insight into the life of monastics, focusing on early patristic and monastic writings.  These five volumes offer a trove of information straight from the pens of the Desert Fathers, ready to enhance your study of the early Egyptian church.

baker-academic-catholic-theology-collectionBaker Academic Catholic Theology Collection (4 vols.)

This four-volume collection gives you a foundational knowledge of the basic theological teachings of the Catholic Church and surrounding controversies. Examining Catholic social tradition and the fundamentals of Catholic moral theology, the Baker Academic Catholic Theology Collection provides a post liberal approach to four theological topics: Christology, epistemology, the doctrine of God, and ethics. It includes treatment of Francis Beckwith’s spiritual journey, offering a look at his internal battle between evangelical theology and Catholicism. The Baker Academic Catholic Theology Collection will bring you insight on the theological borders distinguishing Catholicism and Protestantism.

john-chrysostom-collectionJohn Chrysostom Collection (7 vols.)

John Chrysostom (c. 347–407), known for his engaging and persuasive oratorical skills, was  given the posthumous Greek epithet chrysostomos or “golden mouthed.” An  archbishop of Constantinople and an influential Early Church Father, Chrysostom is recognized as a saint in the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Church and is one of the Three Holy Hierarchs along with Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianus.

Praised as “the greatest preacher in the early church,” John Chrysostom’s homilies and discourses have been a lasting legacy. In Verbum, you have his famous and influential oratories and writings at your fingertips.

There’s a lot more happening here at Verbum this summer…

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