Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture

The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is available on Pre-Pub for one more week. Published between 2008 and 2011, it features contributions from many of today’s most influential theological minds.

While it has not had as much time to establish itself as the Navarre Bible Commentaries, the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture is growing in popularity as theologians and laypeople discover its profundity and accessibility. Tying together texts from all areas of the Tradition, the authors create a compelling and comprehensive study of Catholic Scripture.

This collection features several application bonuses. Periodic in-text “Reflection and Application” sections provide an opportunity for readers to think critically about how Scripture applies to their lives and offer perspectives from throughout the Christian tradition. “Biblical Background” blurbs give the passages’ historical context for a deeper understanding. And “Living Tradition” sections highlight doctrine from non-Biblical sources, acknowledging the Church’s growth in understanding through the Holy Spirit.

As with all Logos resources, we take accessibility to the next level. As you read, the commentary frequently cites other Bible passages to illustrate a point or call attention to parallels. Maybe you immediately call the reference to mind and keep reading—the expectation of a print resource. But Logos lets you explore deeper. If you want to reread that passage so that it’s fresh in your mind, Logos takes you to it in a click. And with our link sets and “Send Hyperlinks Here” feature, you can read your preferred translation without losing your spot. This is, of course, even handier when working with multiple resources, and the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture regularly cites the Catechism and the Lectionary.

Pre-order it before the price goes up to save 40% on this commentary in its best format yet.

“It is our desire and prayer that these volumes be of service so that more and more ‘the word of the Lord may speed forward and be glorified’ (2 Thess. 3:1) in the Church and throughout the world.” —from the preface to the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture.

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Written by Alex Renn