Hidden Gems—More Reasons to Buy a Catholic Library

Today’s guest post is by David Day, Catholic Sales Representative.

“No portion of Church History has been so much neglected in recent times as the History of the Councils.”
—Charles Joseph Hefele, DD, Bishop of Rottenburg

This insight comes from Bishop Hefele’s A History of the Councils of the Church, a base package resource that generally goes unused—and that, in fact, is completely necessary to an understanding of Catholicism. The Church Councils are essential reading for those who care where the foundational beliefs of Catholicism come from. Most people don’t even realize that this collection is included in every Catholic library.

A History of the Councils goes through every Church Council, starting with the first in AD 52 and ending with the seventh in AD 787. In the first council (discussed in Acts 15), Peter speaks on the topic of the Gentiles and circumcision. The council convened because the Christian Jews were unsure whether Gentile converts should be circumcised, since circumcision was part of the Jewish covenant with God. The Church Councils led the bishops to take stands on certain issues and reaffirm challenged beliefs, guided always by the Holy Spirit.

You can follow council by council and see the Church Fathers’ faith in the Holy Spirit and its guidance. For example, Pope Cornelius wrote to Cyprian in AD 252, “It seemed good to us, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit . . .” Or another quote, this from the Synod of Arles in AD 314: “It seemed good, therefore, in the presence of the Holy Spirit and His Angels.” The belief that the Holy Spirit guides the Church and her Councils is pivotal for Catholic Doctrine, and this collection will show you not only how this belief was constantly maintained but also what heresies each council faced.

With Logos Bible Software, transitioning from this resource to the Bible is simple. Whenever the collection cites any of the early Church Fathers—Tertullian, say, or Cyprian—you can jump quickly and easily to the original document.

With our impressive Notes feature, you jot down notes in categories like “Church Councils,” then transition smoothly back to your reading. Our software makes it fast and easy to study church history alongside a multitude of sources.

Finally, you can use the “Cited By” tool with this collection, so whenever you read a biblical passage cited in A History of the Councils, you can jump directly into the resource. Logos makes the task of going through the early Church Councils easy and, believe it or not, fun!

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