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How to Use Verbum for Apologetics (pt. 1)

Apologetics can be tricky. In order to do it well, you must have a firm knowledge both of the Faith and of what objections might be raised against it. What’s more, the answers that we give have to be tailored to the premises of the one asking the question—it makes little sense, for example, to cite a proof from Tradition to someone who believes in sola scriptura. And, as if this complexity weren’t enough, in order for apologetics to be effective, the apologist has to be charitable, tolerant, and understanding in his or her answers. The whole enterprise is very difficult. Verbum can help. Watch the video below for some great suggestions.

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Here’s the apologetics collection listed above for reference:

Apologetics list

Introducing Logos 5 – Verbum!

Logos Bible Software 5 is here! Logos 5 has been years in the making and it’s full of powerful new tools and exciting features. But we have even more reason to be excited because Logos 5 has a Catholic version –Verbum—with all the functionality of Logos 5 and designed with Catholics in mind.

One year ago Logos released its first Catholic base packages. Those packages have been a huge success and over the course of the past twelve months, the Catholic team here at Logos has been working on getting more books, more resources, and customizing the software. Verbum is the result of these efforts!

Verbum is jam-packed with new features and datasets. For example, the clause search lets you do amazing things like find every sentence in the Bible that Jesus is the subject and Peter is the indirect object, even if pronouns are used.

The Universal Timeline turns dates into links, allowing you to see in a instant what happened in a given year throughout world history.

There is a new Verbum homepage, with the day’s lectionary readings, devotionals, and posts from the Verbum blog.

We’ve added default collections so you can limit your searches easily, and a new passage guide designed for Catholic study.

The new Verbum packages include many important new resources, from the sermons of St. Thomas Aquinas, to the exhortations of Blessed John Paul II, to a reverse interlinear for the RSV Catholic Edition.

We’ve also introduced a whole new pricing system, where everyone gets a custom price based on the Logos resources they already own. If you own a Logos 4 Catholic base package, we will credit almost its entire price toward a Verbum package, plus you will get credit for pre-pubs and add-ons you’ve purchased–you only pay for what’s new to you! When these discounts are added to our introductory discount of 15% (use coupon code Logos5Verbum), you won’t believe how affordable it is to upgrade to Verbum. Everyone gets a special deal just for them, so click here to see yours, or call 877-542-7664.

There are some important things to know about upgrading:
1) You do not have to re-purchase books. All the books that you have purchased for Logos 4 will work perfectly in Logos 5. Logos 5 is a new application for accessing those books, but the books themselves will not go away and do not need to be re-purchased.
2) You will not lose your files, notes, collections, personal books and other customizations of Logos 4. Because the software is cloud networked, your personalization of Logos 4 will automatically cross over into Logos 5.
3) If you have recently purchased a Logos 4 library, you might feel like you’ve been left behind right as you got started. But, that isn’t the case. Catholic base package owners get what they have already purchased applied to a Verbum package. We take the weighted value of the resources you own and subtract this from the price of the Verbum packages. What this means is that you can expect most, if not all, of what you spent on a Logos 4 package to be credited toward a Verbum package. Visit the website to see your custom price.
4) You don’t need to worry about learning new software with the switch from 4 to 5. Logos 5 and the Verbum versions have a lot of new features and new data sets, but you will recognize the software and you will learn your way around the new application without difficulty.

Please visit the Verbum pages at; see what’s new and find your custom upgrade price! Thanks for all your support. Verbum is great step forward for Catholic Bible study with Logos and it’s just going to keep getting better!

The Navarre Bible: New Testament

Navarre Bible New Testament, Standard Edition (12 vols.)

Navarre Bible Old Testament, Standard Edition (7 vols.)

Canon Law Collection (2 vols.)

Apostolic Fathers in Greek and English (Lake Edition)

Practicum: Learn to Use Verbum

The Papal Encyclicals: 1740–1981 (5 vols.)

Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI (34 vols.)

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