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Last Chance to Get St. Augustine’s City of God for Free!

St. Augustine’s The City of God is a true Christian classic. It is perhaps one of the most profound treatises on Christianity and government. In The City of God, St. Augustine envisions Christianity as a spiritual force, which should preoccupy itself with the heavenly city—the New Jerusalem—rather than on earthly municipal and state affairs.

If The City of God is not in your library, it should be. And since the first seven books are free this month, now’s the perfect time to add this philosophical and political masterpiece to your Verbum library and enjoy the benefits of reading the text with integrated Verbum functionality. [Read more…]

Snag Individual Church Father Volumes for $9.99 Each

The Church Fathers—great leaders of the first 400 years of the Church—were our first theologians and pastors. And far from being dry or boring, their writings are a vibrant wellspring of wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

These giants of the early Christian faith remain some of the most authoritative men in all of Church history. Their writings may be centuries old, but their truths are timeless and applicable. [Read more…]

Get the Dr. Peter Kreeft Bundle for 37% off This June

Dr. Peter Kreeft is a world-renowned Catholic apologist and has been called the C.S. Lewis of Catholicism. He’s written over 60 books defending and expounding the Catholic faith, building a legacy of detailed and engaging scholarship. And this month, you can get 27 volumes of his most popular works for 37% off, for only $149.99, as part of the June monthly sale.

This 27-volume bundle contains his famous “Socrates Meets” series in the Socratic Dialogues (7 vols.), as well as 20 volumes of his theological, philosophical, and apologetical works. To give you insight into Kreeft’s heart for God and the Church, as well as the motivation for his writings, here is an excerpt from the introduction of The God Who Loves You: [Read more…]

The Verbum June Sale: Featured Resources and More

With each new month, Verbum gives you savings on excellent resources to help you grow in your knowledge of the Scriptures and the Church. June is no exception, with collections, bundles, works, and series all discounted to give you greater insights into your Bible studies.

Take a look at these three featured resources, but don’t miss everything else you can save on in June’s Verbum Monthly Sale. [Read more…]

Get City of God for Free, Plus 2 More Volumes for under $5

This month, you can get Saint Augustine: The City of God, Books I–VII  for free plus two more volumes from the Fathers of the Church Series (127 vols.) for less than $5! Throughout June, we’re sharing excerpts from Saint Augustine: The City of God to give you a preview of the thoughtful and thought-provoking literary treatise you can expect from this month’s free book.

Today’s excerpt comes from The City of God by St. Augustine: [Read more…]

Study Christianity’s Role in Society in This Month’s Free Book

Augustine’s The City of God is considered to be one of the most important books in the history of the Church, written by one of its most significant saints. And this month, you can get The City of God, Books I–VII free. [Read more…]

Four Great Reasons to Become a Verbum Now Member in June

If you’d love to use even more features with your Verbum software as well as get access to additional resources, Verbum Now membership is a great option. Verbum Now is a membership program that gives you free resources, big discounts, exclusive features, and more every single month. If you’re not a member yet, here are four great reasons to join in June: [Read more…]

Verbum June Sale: Fostering a Vibrant Christian Life All Month Long

Descending from the heights of Easter season, the Church ushers in Ordinary Time during the month of June. And with the flowering of summer, our hearts and minds are drawn to reflect on the new, hopeful, and vibrant life we have in Jesus Christ as well as the growth of the Church as a whole.

That’s why the Verbum June sale draws upon theologically rich resources that foster personal growth and deeper studies in Scripture, Church history, and tradition. [Read more…]

Just a Few Hours Left in the Verbum 7 Sale

The Verbum 7 sale ends tomorrow at midnight (PT), so don’t miss your chance to save on your Verbum upgrade. We’ve marked them 20% off, but you’ll probably save more: upgraders get a special discount based on what’s already in their library. [Read more…]

What’s the Recent Catholic Scholarship On . . . ?

Ever curious about a theological topic, and want to know the latest developments on the matter?

Check out the What Are They Saying About . . . Series—22% off for a limited time through our Pre-Pub program, which offers you a lower price when you order a product before it’s finished (think Kickstarter).

This series includes 18 volumes on specific biblical books or themes by respected authors and theologians like Mark Allan Powell, Daniel J. Harrington, Donald Senior, and Warren Carter.

Each volume surveys scholarship from the 1960s onward and offers modern perspectives on biblical studies while discussing more recent developments in Catholic teaching and theology.

Volumes in this collection include:

  • What Are They Saying about the Trinity? — Anne Hunt delves into contemporary developments in Roman Catholic Trinitarian theology that reveal the profoundly relational character of the Trinity.
  • What Are They Saying about Paul and the End Time? — Joseph Plevnik explores the development of Pauline eschatological thought along with ongoing scholarly discussions on the topic.
  • What Are They Saying about Environmental Theology? — John Hart tackles the relationship between environmentalism and faith, offering a comprehensive exposition and analysis of Catholic Church teachings on environmental themes. He presents essential elements of a holistic environmental theology that interrelates concern for creation, community, and the common good.

Additional volumes discuss the authorship and date of the biblical texts, liberation and feminist theologies, and the historical Jesus.

The What Are They Saying About . . . Series is especially valuable in digital form, as it integrates into your entire theological library and all your Verbum tools.

Order now while this invaluable collection is still in Pre-Pub so you can save 22%.

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