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Ancient Writings, Timeless Truths: 20% Off

Verbum brings you some of the most valuable and treasured Christian writings of all time in the Ancient Christian Writers Bundle.

This collection includes 66 volumes from early church leaders, thinkers, philosophers, and apologists such as St. Augustine, Origen, St. Jerome, and Tertullian. These giants of the early Christian faith remain some of the most authoritative men in Church history. They were highly educated, spoke Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, and dedicated their lives to gaining a deep and rich knowledge of Scripture.

Far from being dry or boring, the writings from the first four centuries of the Church are a vibrant wellspring of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. Many of these writers faced heresies for the first time and had to carefully examine the Word of God and battle against false doctrines, which preserved the Church. Their voice is the voice of victory in the midst of great doctrinal battles and victories in Christ. [Read more…]

One Week Only: Get $20 off Your Order of $100 or More

Through April 27, you can take $20 off your order of $100 or more on And to make your savings really stack up, pick already discounted products. (Sorry, base package purchases don’t qualify.)

To get $20 off, use coupon code SAVE20 at checkout. What resources should you pick? Consider these already discounted products: [Read more…]

Save 20% on the Modern Catholic Authors Bundle

Verbum’s Modern Catholic Authors Bundle invites you to share in the thoughts and wisdom of the greatest writers and thinkers of the modern Catholic Church.

This collection includes 243 volumes of spiritual truth and wisdom equaling 70,000 pages of biblical scholarship, theology, exegesis, devotions, apologetics, Catholic doctrine, and philosophy.

And for a limited time, you can save 20% off the regular price.
[Read more…]

Save 90% on the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate Bible

In April’s monthly sale, there are over a dozen great resources to choose from—but there’s one deep discount you do not want to miss.

You can save 90% on the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate Bible (normally $49.99) when you get the Old and New Testament volumes separately, and add the Clementine Vulgate for free!

Get the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: Old Testament for just $2.99

This exciting resource traces the Latin Vulgate Old Testament to its Hebrew and Greek sources, enabling you to compare Jerome’s influential translation word for word with the original languages. The amazing functionality of this reverse interlinear allows powerful searches and in-depth word studies on the Latin, Hebrew, and Greek texts. [Read more…]

Verbum discounts you won’t want to miss

Grow deeper in your faith as you celebrate Jesus’ resurrection this Easter season and embrace the new beginning this season brings by adding these resources to your Verbum library:

  1. Ancient Christian Writers: Post-Nicene Era Collection: Comprising the earliest writings of the post-persecution Christian church, this collection demonstrates the expansion of Christian thought in the post-Nicene era through a variety of innovative biblical commentaries, letters, theological treatises, spiritual biographies, and church documents. The Logos editions of these volumes include citations that are directly linked to both English translations and original-language texts, and a topic guide that makes searching for relevant biblical texts and resources a breeze.
  2. Iberian Fathers, vol.1: This volume returns to the Iberian Peninsula and includes the never-before-translated works of Paschasius, Leander of Seville, and Martin of Braga. From ethical subjects stemming from the doctrine of Seneca and other pre-Christian writers to pastoral and ascetical theology, the the teachings and insight of these Spanish authors is an excellent addition to your Verbum library.
  3. Path of Holiness: Wisdom from Catherine of Siena: Examine the teachings of Saint Catherine of Siena, scholastic philosopher and tertiary of the Dominican Order. This resource provides guidance for walking along the path to God and time-tested spiritual guidance for providing loving service to friends and neighbors—not only during this Easter season, but in every season of life.

These deals are only good through the end of April. Get them while you can!

This Month Only: Get the Vulgate and Two Interlinears for Under $5

Verbum’s Free Book of the Month for April links three important study resources: The Clementine Vulgate (free), the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: New Testament ($1.99), and the Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: Old Testament ($2.99).

You get all three for under $5—and you’ll definitely want to get all three. Here’s why:

The Clementine Vulgate is a prerequisite resource for both reverse interlinears. Because the interlinears don’t come preloaded with the Vulgate, the free resource is needed to make them work.

Start with free

Let’s start with the free resource. Commissioned by Pope Damasus I and prepared c. AD 383–405, Jerome’s Vulgate rapidly became the standard version of the Bible in the West and remained so for centuries.

Some years later, the Clementine Vulgate became the official edition of the Latin Vulgate, corrected and standardized following the Council of Trent and promulgated in 1592 by Pope Clement VIII. It remained as the official Latin Bible text for the Roman Catholic Church until the end of the twentieth century.

Get the Clementine Vulgate today, free. [Read more…]

To Understand the Scriptures: Kinship by Covenant

This Easter season is the perfect time to grow your Verbum library—for much less! Near the top of many “must read” lists this season is Kinship by Covenant by ever-popular Catholic teacher and speaker, Scott Hahn.

Get Kinship by Covenant today during the Verbum Easter season sale. (Note that Kinship by Covenant is just one of the many discounted titles, and some are as much as 52% off! It’s worth taking a moment to browse the sale before it ends.)

The full title of this reader favorite is Kinship by Covenant: A Canonical Approach to the Fulfillment of God’s Saving Promises. In Kinship, Hahn provides a clear look at the theme of covenant and how understanding it can clarify many of the diverse traditions found in the canonical Scriptures. [Read more…]

Another Chance: Starter for Under $200

Last fall, we offered Verbum 7 Starter for under $200—for the first time ever. The deal was so popular, we’re offering it again—this month only.

Through April 30, first-time base package purchasers can get Verbum 7 Starter for under $200.

If you missed last October’s special sale, don’t miss it again. This is the lowest price for Verbum 7 we’ve ever offered online—33% off the regular price!

Still serious savings

With Starter you’ll have a library of more than 110 titles to help you deepen your study of Scripture and the Tradition.

Book-by-book, you would spend over $2,800 on all those titles. Early Church Fathers (37 vol.) alone would cost you $165.99, and Summa Theologica another $199.99.

Verbum 7 Starter includes both, plus many more titles, for just $194.99—but only for a limited time. [Read more…]

April 2018 | Verbum Now Member Benefits

With Verbum Now, not only do you get the latest tools for studying Scripture and Tradition, you also get exclusive perks like free preview resources and private, members-only sales.

Start your Verbum Now membership to get these perks and new features and tools as soon as we create them. Here are this month’s exclusive benefits.

Full access for one month: Studies in Early Christianity

Throughout April, Verbum Now members get full access to all 13 volumes of T&T Clark Studies in Early Christianity.

As the Church grew, groups of believers and Church Fathers developed and refined the beliefs, rituals, and identities we practice to this day. This collection of scholarly works lifts the shroud of history to reveal the people and ideas that caused early Christianity’s rapid development and far reach. Ancient texts, early Christian theology, philosophies of other ancient religions, early hermeneutics: it’s all covered in this riveting exploration of the Church’s earliest days. [Read more…]

Verbum Easter Season Savings: Get Yours!

The Easter season has only just begun! Take advantage of 50 days of savings during the Verbum Easter Sale, now through the Day of Pentecost (May 20, 2018). Don’t wait, because you’ll grow your Verbum library at a considerable savings—up to 50%! Here are just a few highlights:

Kinship by Covenant: A Canonical Approach to the Fulfillment of God’s Saving Promises (11% off)

In this thoughtfully researched book, popular teacher and speaker Scott Hahn shows how the overarching theme of covenant makes possible a coherent reading of the diverse traditions found within the canonical Scriptures.

Save 11% on Kinship by Covenant.

Modern Catholic Authors Bundle (243 volumes, 20% off) [Read more…]

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