And the Verbum Feud of the Fathers Winner Is . . .

You’ve researched, you’ve voted, and now, the time has come! Your Verbum Feud of the Fathers winner is . . . St. Augustine!

After spending years chasing truth in other religions, St. Augustine (AD 354–430) opened his eyes of faith and devoted himself to God. He served as bishop of Hippo Regius for over 30 years. St. Augustine is the patron saint of printers, brewers, and theologians, and his feast day is August 28.

And now, thanks to your votes, you can save 40% on this 14-volume collection of St. Augustine’s most respected works, such as:

  • Confessions
  • The City of God
  • The Trinity
  • The Lord’s Sermon on the Mount
  • And more


Stock up on resources from other Church Fathers eliminated in the competition—they’re all 20–35% off through March 31. See how much you can save on collections from St. Athanasius, St. Jerome, St. Ambrose, and more!

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