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Epiphany Reflection from Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Today the question of the Church has to a large extent become the question of how the Church can be changed and ameliorated.

Yet even someone who wishes to improve upon a mechanical device, and all the more someone who wants to heal an organism, must first investigate how the apparatus is designed or how the organism is inwardly structured. If doing so is not to prove blind and thereby destructive, it must be preceded by inquiry about being. Today as always, the will to take action in regard to the Church must find the patience first to ask about her nature, her origin, her destination; today as always, ecclesial ethos can develop properly only when it allows itself to be illuminated and led by the logos of faith.

— Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) on Epiphany Sunday, 1991 from Called to Communion: Understanding the Church Today

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