Superb Catholic Diversity in One Collection

This month only, get 30% off the Eerdmans Catholic Collection (48 vols.) in the Publisher Spotlight on Eerdmans.

Here are four reasons you’ll want to get this fantastic collection today:

1. Outstanding diversity

Few collections give you this much diversity and application. Explore the lives of Balthasar, Thomas Merton, Thomas Aquinas, and Francis of Assisi; engage in discussions on Vatican II and Papal infallibility; go in-depth with theological topics on Mariology, Church unity, womanhood, Catholic scholarship, the Apocrypha, and Judaism; and discover philosophical approaches to naturalism, metaphysics, and apologetics.

2. Definitive works

Rediscover Augustine with the definitive work, Augustine: Augustine Through the Ages; enjoy masterful storytelling in Francis of Assisi: Performing the Gospel of Life; examine scriptural womanhood in Sister Prudence Allen’s pioneering work, The Concept of Woman; gain insights from the theological depth of David L. Schindler in Heart of the World, Center of the Church; and delve into Scripture with Daniel J. Harrington’s meticulously researched Invitation to the Apocrypha.

3. Big savings

It’s a great time to add this massive collection to your library because you get 30% off the price in the Publisher Spotlight Sale. Plus, if you already have some of the resources in your Verbum library, you’ll get a custom discount. You won’t pay for a book twice.

4. Better study

In the Verbum editions, these volumes are enhanced by amazing functionality. Each of these resources has been specially tagged to work with your Verbum tools. Perform powerful searches and find exactly what you’re looking for across your entire library.


Get the Eerdmans Catholic Collection (48 vols.) for 30% off through the end of August, and be sure to check out the deals on the other resources in the Publisher Spotlight.

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