Last Chance to Save on the Popular Patristics Series

It’s your last chance to save 30% on resources from the outstanding Popular Patristics Series during the Verbum Monthly Sale.

The Popular Patristics Series makes early Christian literature more accessible than ever.

They are readable, accurate translations and include introductory essays to help you know what to look for in the texts. And with low prices on each volume, it’s a perfect time to add these gems to your library.

On the Human Condition – $10.49
St Basil takes the most critical truths for navigating the human condition—the image of God in the human form, the fall of humanity, and the cause of evil—and addresses them with characteristic clarity and sobriety.

On the Christian Sacraments – $9.09
In the fourth century, Christianity was coming out of the shadows and believers began gathering in shining new basilicas. Catechetical instruction was desperately needed. These six lectures, given during that time by gifted teacher and Doctor of the Church, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, are a rich source of instruction and inspiration to all believers, then and now.

On the Lord’s Prayer – $11.89
For over 2,000 years, the Lord’s Prayer has served as a guide and comfort for believers. But, do we really understand it or sometimes slip into merely reciting its words? Gain a fresh devotion and understanding of The Lord’s Prayer in this volume, which combines the only three ante-Nicene treatises on the Lord’s Prayer, written by Cyprian, Tertullian, and Origen.

On God and Christ – $10.49
Immerse yourself in the mystery of one God in three persons through the writings of St. Gregory of Nazianzus. His powerful and quotable treatises have been critical to the Church’s understanding of the Trinity. On God and Christ contains five of his most edifying sermons.

On the Church: Select Treatises – $10.49
The scattered and persecuted third-century Church was facing critical questions. Can believers who’ve lapsed in the faith receive the Eucharist again? When is it right to break off communion? Are baptisms valid if given by a heretic? St. Cyprian, a third-century bishop of Carthage, rose above the confusion and confronted these urgent challenges head-on in a series of treatises that placed Church unity above all—and serves as a guide for the Church to this day.

The Book of Pastoral Rule – $11.19
Centuries of time have not changed the core duties and obligations of the clergy to the spiritual formation of their flock. This thorough pastoral treatise by St. Gregory the Great still serves as a moving, comprehensive description of ministry in the Church.


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