Last Chance to Get St. Augustine’s City of God for Free!

St. Augustine’s The City of God is a true Christian classic. It is perhaps one of the most profound treatises on Christianity and government. In The City of God, St. Augustine envisions Christianity as a spiritual force, which should preoccupy itself with the heavenly city—the New Jerusalem—rather than on earthly municipal and state affairs.

If The City of God is not in your library, it should be. And since the first seven books are free this month, now’s the perfect time to add this philosophical and political masterpiece to your Verbum library and enjoy the benefits of reading the text with integrated Verbum functionality.

St. Augustine’s words, though he lived and died many centuries ago, still grip our minds, hearts, and even our imaginations. He was one of Christianity’s greatest thinkers, preachers, and philosophers. But far from being distant or intellectually unattainable, we are immediately engaged and captivated by his passionate appeals and humble vulnerability. We share in his truths, but we also share in his humanity. It is why The City of God has not lost its importance or relevance.

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