Ancient Writings, Timeless Truths: 20% Off

Verbum brings you some of the most valuable and treasured Christian writings of all time in the Ancient Christian Writers Bundle.

This collection includes 66 volumes from early church leaders, thinkers, philosophers, and apologists such as St. Augustine, Origen, St. Jerome, and Tertullian. These giants of the early Christian faith remain some of the most authoritative men in Church history. They were highly educated, spoke Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, and dedicated their lives to gaining a deep and rich knowledge of Scripture.

Far from being dry or boring, the writings from the first four centuries of the Church are a vibrant wellspring of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. Many of these writers faced heresies for the first time and had to carefully examine the Word of God and battle against false doctrines, which preserved the Church. Their voice is the voice of victory in the midst of great doctrinal battles and victories in Christ.

They were committed to living lives of holiness and purity. In that pursuit, they thoughtfully and prayerfully addressed issues still prevalent today—such as how to live holy lives in a secular world, how to build a healthy church, and how to engage the surrounding community.

Immersing yourself in these writings connects you to their thoughts, lives, and understanding of Scripture. It also provides an understanding of the early Church and how current doctrines, theology, and church authority came to be. Their writings may be centuries old, but their truths are timeless and applicable.

So if you haven’t read any of the earliest Christian writings, now is a great time to begin by ordering Verbum’s Ancient Christian Writers Bundle while it is on sale for 20% off.

Allow these writings to illuminate the depths of Scripture, enhance your study of the Bible and understanding of the Church, and enrich your daily Christian walk.

This is a limited time offer, so order today! And don’t miss out on all the other deals in the Verbum Easter sale.

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