Catholic Reference Collection

“Our Catholic Liturgy is a grand and harmonious manifestation of man’s homage to God. Its words and ceremonies and devotions are the growth of centuries. The essentials of our Church’s worship have been embellished with a wealth of ritual observance, of which each detail is symbolic of the purpose for which that worship is offered. The explanation of these manifold practices is the object of this work.”

—Excerpt from the preface to The Externals of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Reference Collection is exactly what it sounds like: a set of resources to add depth and meaning to your study of the Bible and the Faith. Each resource allows you to decode and better understand the whole gamut of faith topics.

A Dictionary of Canon Law unpacks the 1917 Code of Canon Law, presenting a more accessible digest version that’s ideal for laity who want a basic understanding or for anyone looking for a jumping-off point into deeper canon law studies. By rearranging the 1917 Code’s points topically, A Dictionary of Canon Law makes it easier to grasp the totality of teaching on any given doctrine—it saves you the work of piecing together the big picture from various canons, paragraphs, and numbers in the Code.

The Book of Saints contains 275 pages of Catholic saint biographies. Search for any saint by name or date, or simply browse through the lives of these exemplary Catholic servants. As always, Logos makes this resource searchable, and the tagging provides several layers of access for the content.

A Catholic Dictionary, the Ecclesiastical Dictionary, and the Catholic Pocket Dictionary and Cyclopedia are all dictionary and encyclopedia hybrids, providing Catholic context for terms and concepts you’ll encounter in your studies. These are essential if you don’t know what a word means, but for the veteran Bible student, they can still shed light and add clarity to existing understanding. While each of these three resources is similar in its encyclopedic approach, each addresses different aspects of the Faith, providing maximum depth with minimal redundancy.

Finally, as quoted above, The Externals of the Catholic Church provides insight regarding the symbolism of Catholic worship. This includes everything from the parts of the Mass to the vocations of monks and nuns.

This reference collection features a vast treasury of knowledge that Logos makes readily accessible. Its tagged, searchable, linked content will deepen your knowledge and your faith. I’m stunned that this resource is still available on Community Pricing at such a remarkably low price. Don’t miss out. This deal will disappear shortly after hitting 100%. It won’t be around much longer.

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Alex Renn
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Written by Alex Renn